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 Here is a resume about SAN which may be forwarded to any interested parties. A 
version will go on the new website.





 The Society of Applied Neuroscience (SAN) is a new society which caters for 
both scientists and practitioners who are interested in an integrated approach 
to neuroscientific applications.  This includes best practice in the clinic and 
in educational and optimal performance fields, as well as an integrated 
approach in the interface between neuroscience and psychological and other 

The society evolved in the summer of 2004 through a Referendum of the members 
of the European Chapter (E-iSNR) of the International Society of Neuronal 
Regulation (I-SNR), a parent body based in the United States which is a 
neurofeedback (EEG-biofeedback) society.  

The concept of SAN originated through discussions at the annual meeting of 
E-iSNR at Winterthur, Switzerland, in February, 2004.  This brought together 
scientists and practitioners in diverse fields of basic and clinical EEG, MEG 
and fMRI, neuro-rehabilitation and peripheral-biofeedback to meet with 
researchers and practitioners in the field of neurofeedback.

SAN aims to bring together fields aside from neurofeedback including peripheral 
biofeedback, brain-computer interface, neuro-rehabilitation, neuronal 
reorganisation through behavioural methods, transmagnetic stimulation, and 
real-time self-regulation procedures such as fMRI and MEG. 

SAN has a strong commitment to training of practitioners through the 
organisation of training courses together with certification procedures for 
best practice, to the education of scientists through university affiliations, 
summer schools.  There will be regular advanced courses for Continuing 

SAN will hold a scientific meeting annually.

SAN will publish a quarterly journal, with negotiations currently underway with 
publishing houses.

SAN will encourage interchange between scientists and practitioners and will 
offer a scientist-practitioner mentoring system.

SAN is totally committed to evidence-based practice.

Though originating in Europe, SAN is an international society.

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