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  • From: Nelly <wayambe@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2004 16:29:21 -0700 (PDT)

"Should people with no training in the psychiatric or mental health 
field be able to provide Neurofeedback to people with Psychotic illness?"
This is a very important and yet sensitive question. But before i add my views 
on this i  would like to state that, any  tool can be an instrument of good or 
harm depending on how it is used.
With this i think it is really the societies prerogative to make sure 
proffessional standards and behaviour are adhered to and people knows the 
indepth of what they working with i.e mental health issues,psychiatric 
conditions,neurological  issues......
My view is that people can only know about this if they have done proper and 
acceptable studies for a reasonable time. My own experience is that the concept 
of these conditions is not easy to grasp as A.B.C. as there are too many 
factors involved,the uniqueness of individuals and the plasticity of the brain 
is just not that simple for a lay man. From my own experience,i was a teacher 
in a special school for 6 years and have done psychology during my training but 
i had to leave education and continue with psychology and the only experience i 
can share here is that it is not as it looks from a close distance you need to 
be with it to understand it. Having said this i support most of the members 
ideas of reserving Neurofeedback for relevant proffessionals and only allow 
proffessionals from mental health,psychiatric,psychologists etc to practice it. 
This is if we want to keep neurofeedback alive otherwise it will loose it's 


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