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Dear Cornelia,

Thankyou for your support.

The training programme will have three streams ;- clinical, educational and 
optimal performance.  The intention will be to encourage people without 
clinical and medical training to enter the educational and optimal performance 

My own research programme also includes hypnosis and energy medicine, and 
therefore I am very aware of the value (and limitations) of these procedures, 
and the added advantages of eclectic approaches to optimise performance and 

With best wishes,


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Dear John, Dear Members of E-iSNR

Thank you John and other board members for your work and your ideas. 
I think it would be good to have a seperate association in Europe. It will
be good to stand on our own feet, doing research, and have european
standards especially for certification. 

Here in switzerland we have since years the situation that we have a
therapeutic field (MD`s and Psychotherapists) and a great field of in
complementary and alternative medicine working people. Some of these methods
are even payed by assurances.

So we would be very happy with a solution that includes on one hand the
scientific and therapeutic people and on the other hand these people working
more on educational side. To work with learning disabilities, with
inattentive childs a.s.o.
does not assume universitiy studies of psychology or medicine.

I think it would be better to integrate such people of the nonmedical field
who are doing very good work for many clients and to give them the
opportunity to learn from the scientists. In this way we can develop a
community of many professional working people for a more therapeutic and /or
scientific and for a more basically applied educational and /or prophylactic
field of performance - training.

best regards

Cornelia Dollfus MD


Cornelia Dollfus
Dr. med., Ärztin für Psychotherapie und Neurofeedback
Feldeggstr. 12
8008 Zürich

Co-Leiterin Neurofeedback-Institut Schweiz

Mitglied u.a. NAS, i-SNR, AAPB,

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