[esnr] Referendum outcome

  • From: "Gruzelier, John H" <j.gruzelier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2004 17:06:05 +0100

Dear Members,

The referendum has provided strong support for the new society concept.

The Bye-laws require that 66% of the members voting support the proposed 

The percentages voting in support of the 8 ammendments to the Bye-laws were as 
        Changing the name of the society to SAN 87%; 
        Making it an applied neuroscience society  87%; 
        Developing its own code of ethics 87%; 
        Having 4 membership categories 83%; 
        Having financial independence 92%; 
        Changing the name of the Board to Council 87%; 
        Using funds to fulfil the objectives of the society 90%; 
        Setting up standing committees 92%.

60/85 members voted which is 71% of the membership. 

We also know of 5 additional members who have not voted because they are on 
vacation currently and who strongly support our aims, offering assistance with 
standing committees, Think Tanks, etc.

At the time of the extension to the voting deadline on 22nd July only 54% had 
voted.  While there is no stipulation in the Bye-laws as to how many members 
are required to vote, we considered that 54% was not a representative sample.  

We note that 5 members gave blanket "no" votes, three of whom have commercial 

We will now proceed to register the society and the bye-laws, and on this basis 
we can begin to move forward to address other pending issues.

With best wishes,


Professor John Gruzelier
Division of Neuroscience & Psychological Medicine
Imperial College London
Charing Cross Campus
St Dunstan's Road
London W6 8RP

Phone 44 020 8 846 7386:  Fax 44 020 8 846 1670: 
e-mail j.gruzelier@xxxxxxxx
Secretary: Mrs Ann Ebberson: Phone 44 020 8 846 7246

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