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Hi all,

From what I have been reading from all e-mails over here it seems to me that 
may be a "lack" of training and research in NF and Neurorehabilitation (NR) 
which may mean
that we may be in "the same boat" as those in the US. 

When I said, on the last e-mail, that I have been teaching Psychophysiology in 
the last
5 years, I was saying over here in Portugal. As John knows, and we know each 
from way back to the time of the begining of the British Psychophysiological 
Clinical Psychophysiology, also known in some places as Biofeedback(BF), is not 
used as an intervention procedure in rehabilitation of cognitive and 
problems. I remember the initial John's work in hypnosis at the Hammersmith 
and he was the only one with enough courage to apply BF and psychophysiology 
in a medical setup. I do remember the difficulties he had with other people at 
hospital as most of them thought that that kind of work was "too strange" for a 
But BF, and John as well, survived all these years and now BF is coming up as 
an essential 
procedure in NF and NR.

In the place where I work now we have applied to the Portuguese Government for 
a new MSc in 
Cognitive Rehabilitation. We are already getting enquires about this MSc from 
people from all sorts of areas. This MSc is going to be organised within the 
of the European Diploma in Psychology. This bring my first point. Is this new 
training, that
many people are talking about, just another postdoctoral training or is 
something like
a MSc or what?

The MSc we are trying to create over here is certainly going to have teaching 
researching in NF and NR, even with the very little research we have on them. 
It is quite 
obvious that is going to use BF as its main intervention procedure but it is 
going to include a
"strong cognitive neuroscience component" (John's wording) as well as cognitive 

And this brings the second point. Do we ("we" including those from the US as 
well as) already
have enough "know how" to be able to apply NF/NR procedures to clients who, 
after many years 
of cognitive and behavioural problems (after some sort of internal or external 
accident) would
like to have a better quality of life? I do agree with John when says that we 
in Europe do have
a "greater critical mass" in Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation. But, as John 
says, the way we
are going about to introduce them to each other is the "crunch" of the whole 
thing. I, 
certainly, am not going to implement this in a hospital setup. I am using spas 
as they seem to 
more open to this sort of "new thingy". But how are the "old" medical 
professionals going to 
take this?

I have recently noticing some e-mails from some US colleagues saying that the 
professionals are trying to make BF as something which should be applied only 
by medical 
people. If this goes ahead what about those who have a psychology degree with 
many years of
training and research in BF? And what about all those professional societies 
which have about 
100 members, like ESNR? Shouldn't we stay together and "fight" these newcomers? 
I, for one,
have the electrical stimulators ready to "fight them off" :-)



Prof. Dr. Jorge Alvoeiro,PhD,Hull,UK


ISEIT-Instituto Piaget

Estrada do Alto do Gaio

3515-776 Lordosa



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