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In reply to Lesley Parkinson:

Hello Lesley,

I share you concerns.
Well, I think the good news is that SAN has just started to slow down its
rapid development speed. This leaves more time for us, clinicians, to step

I think it is up to ourselves, as clinicians (-scientists), to stand up and
add proposals. It means we have to leave our position of "concerned
clinician" and act more pro-active and express what we DO want (instead of
expressing our fears. Like in therapy: from complaint (fear) to solutions,
from a dependent-state to a state of autonomy). We are responsible for the
strength of our own position. I'am not only adressing this to you, but also
to myself (in fact, to be honest, I find it more comfortable to rebell then
to lead and steer) and all other concerned clinicians.

So, I hereby invite you all to drop ideas with regard to the clinician's
position within SAN and how to make it stronger. Maybe we could have a
seperate list to discuss these ideas and in this way feed the Educational
Committee (or other committees). In my peronal opinion there should be room
for clinicians to exchange protocols, do's and don'ts, building a SAN
database (just like Marco proposed). I would welcome an European e-mail
Intervisiongroup (clinicians who consult clinicians by e-mail, an idea which
has been proposed before by a member from Portugal, I think).

The Educational Committee could elect one of their members to be a moderator
for all these ideas. So, these ideas could be collected, summarized and
safed (untill now all beautiful ideas come AND GO, which is a waste of

Yet another way could be to participate in the Think Tank meeting in London
in september. And I hereby would like to make a first contribution to this
Tank: I think it would be wise if we, SAN, would also think about European
laws concerning education/membership. In Holland we've just seen several
lawcases in which local societies have been overruled by European law. It
will cost a lot of time, energy and money if we built SAN on -legally-
unsafe ground.

Met vriendelijke groet/All the best/Ciao,

Berrie Gerrits

Psychologenpraktijk Gerrits
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Subject: [esnr] Re: FW: SAN

> I endorse these comments of Nils.However, I think we need to consider the
> needs of reserch scientists and of clinicians. At both Udine and
> I was struck by how excited some of the academic researchers were to be
> sharing ideas and information, and presumably SAN will provide further
> opportunity for that.
> Of course there will be cross-fertilisation between researchers and
> clinicians too.
> A concern I have is that we may still be without a forum for clinicians,
> even those who are scientist-practitioners.
> This is in many ways a relatively new area, so I am always keen to share
> experiences with other clinicians. Currently I am seeing more clients with
> MTBI, and others with Bipolar Disorder. I am using Neurofeedback and am
> encouraged by the results. These are two client groups that I have worked
> with previously, but not using Neurofeedback.
> I have found other practitioners to share ideas with, but it occurs to me
> that for scientists peer-review and acceptance is provided through
> publication in respected journals and conference presentations.
> Clinicians are perhaps more used to case-practice review, clinical
> discussion fora and meeting professional CPD requirements, including
> workshop attendance and incorporating what is learnt into clinical
> I am wondering whether SAN will have a role for these areas for clinicians
> or whether something else will be needed.
> Clinical practice topics and issues would not often be able to get past an
> academic conference committee!
> Regards to all.
> Lesley
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> >Re: Society of Applied Neuroscience (SAN)
> >
> >The foundation of a SAN is a necessary step to integrate research and
> >application of systemic neuroscience for clinical and non-clinical use.
> >From self-regulation of brain processes to behavioral technologies to
> >brain function (cortical reorganization) controlled experimental research
> >should be unified in such a society. I enthusiastically welcome such an
> >initiative and hope for a large and growing membership.
> >
> >Prof. Niels Birbaumer
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