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Dear John,
thanks for updating me. My Q about possible political motives stems from my
bewilderment about the speed of the SAN proces. It is not that I don't like
fast progress, but I really thought there would be a second negotiating
round with Lubar c.s., at least that was my impression at the Winterthür
meeting. But I might be mistaken on this.

Second: where can I find more information about volunteer-tasks concerning
the education program?

Met vriendelijke groet/All the best/Ciao,

Berrie Gerrits

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Dear Berrie,

Did you get this mail from the ESNR list?


 Dear Berrie,

 As not a political person - afterall I research neurofeedback,
 hypnosis and energy medicine at Imperial College London, which is
 ranked 3rd in the UK (with all that that entails) - just what would a
 political agenda be?

 Our aims, and how they differ form i-SNR have been fully outlined.
 These issues have evolved during and since Winterthur and hence the

 In order to have university affiliation there needs to be an academic
 on the faculty that is engaged in biofeedback research.  We have few
 options here.  Tubingen and Imperial College London have been
 discussed but are not feasible. Trondheim offers strong interest with
 a new programme, and with Juri Kropotov on the faculty. From my
 personal standpoint and one on the teaching faculty of the training
 course, a city with an opera house would have been hard to refuse!

With best wishes,


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