[esnr] Re: Further message from Jiri Tyl with commentary

  • From: "Cornelia Dollfus" <c.dollfus@xxxxxx>
  • To: esnr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 11:22:42 +0200 (MEST)

Dear Members

I think that it is very important to integrate also the "grass-root" 
practioners - level. Otherwise it will happen like
in many alternative methods that we will have a splitting of scientific
level and a very low level of really grass-root people. That will have many
implementations to the scientific field especially in our situation as a
not yet well knowened method, with many open questions, and a very critical
field of academic scientists. In a reasonable level of academic accepted
neurofeedback i would be then very hard. 
I suggest that it will be better to have a contolled integration of
educational Neurofeedbackers than a uncontrolled situation which will be
more negative also for scientists. 

best regards
cornelia dollfus

 Dear John,
> Thank you for keeping us up to date with members comments.
> I think I want to echo Juri's comments about the need for space for grass 
> -root practitioners as well as more academic scientists.
> It did concern me in Winterthur when many of the academics appeared to
> show 
> little or no interest in clinical presentations.
> However as you know I am deeply concerned about training in Neurofeedback 
> and the constant pushing of the BCIA as a training model which, in my
> view, 
> is far too basic and insufficient.
> I think that we should have a European based training and the work done by
> the E-SNR so far is excellent.
> A second concern is the viable funding of a separate organisation.
> I am not sure how many members we would have, but if Juri is right and it
> is 
> only 20 then that is a consideration when we are thinking about viability.
> Best Wishes
> Lesley
> >

Cornelia Dollfus
Dr. med., Ärztin für Psychotherapie und Neurofeedback
Feldeggstr. 12
8008 Zürich

Co-Leiterin Neurofeedback-Institut Schweiz

Mitglied u.a. NAS, i-SNR, AAPB,

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