[esnr] Further message from Jiri Tyl with commentary

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  • Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 10:28:12 +0100

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1. I think independent Euro association is necessary for the dealing =
inside the EU frame - certifications, the acceptation by national =
professional societies a.s.
2. in the same time, the association with American Founding Fathers =
should be kept firm and vivid
3. I understand your move to Science, necessary for gaining the respect =
However, in the umbrella association has to be the space for grass-root =
practitioners, without any scientific ambitions - accepting, homely =
space - not to make them afraid of the big, yet clod Science they do not =
belong to.
Otherwise we could lose the membership from the field.=20
Please keep it mind, Herr Professor :))
Jiri Tyl
The issue of the special relationship was addressed earlier today in =
commentary on Geir's message.
Regarding the role of the practitioner, we have given this a high =
priority, as shown by our placing the Training course before the next =
scientific meeting!=20
I know this dosen't please everyone, but it was a unanimous decision.
Members must not under estimate the time involved in running a =
scientific organisation, setting up training courses, certification =
procedures, scientific meetings, mentoring systems, etc ,etc.  We simply =
cannot do everything at once. [The Training Committee has yet to meet =
since Winterthur.] The new society concept has taken up vast amounts of =
Currently we are researching the possibility of having the first =
week-long course in Trondheim in September, 11th-19th, followed by a =
second week  early in 2005 at location to be decided.  Trondheim are =
considering giving us university affiliation for the accreditation; this =
does not mean that all the courses will take place there.
Once we can get the Training and Certification matters on course, we =
will turn to the next meeting.  At the earliest this will be the autumn =
of 2005. =20
Volunteers for work on the Training and Certification Committee would be =
most welcome.

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