[esnr] Re: Confirmation of Think Tank on Training & Certification, 17/18 September URGENT ACCOMODATION

  • From: "Knut Berndorfer" <knut.berndorfer@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 08:49:57 +0200

Dear John,

sorry for not answering earlier
I was in vacation and lots of work afterwards

Thank you for the invitation
Very likely I will not come for the 2 days in September - I will be out for a 
week shortly after that weekend. Maybe another time.
In addition my main interest is in peakperformance and inner development and I 
do not think this is the main issue of this meeting (personally I believe in 
peak performance we need more research before we can really train people - 
alpha theta is the exception, but even here only your studies fit in).

In any way it would be nice if you could further inform me about the training 
and certification in this field. If you like I could send you my ideas 
regarding the training in the field of peakperformance before that meeting.

I wish you a good Think Tank meeting
Knut Berndorfer
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  Subject: [esnr] Confirmation of Think Tank on Training & Certification, 17/18 

  Dear Members,

  This is to confirm that we will proceed with the Think Tank on 17/18 
September.  At this stage we have heard back from 7 members who are able to 
attend. We will begin at 10.00am on the 17th September and close at 3.30pm on 
the 18th September.

  Please note that arrangements for reserving accomodation are flexible at this 
stage. There is availability for 16-18th, or longer if you require.  However, 
it is important to book ASAP.

  With best wishes,


  Dear Members,

  We have received a remarkably affordable offer from Imperial College London 
for accomodation in one of the College Halls of Residence.  This Hall is in a 
prime position, just a block away from the Royal Albert Hall in the heart of 

  It is important that you place reservations as soon as possible if you wish 
to take advantage of the offer.

  If you do please also inform my secretary, Ann Ebberson.  Once we know how 
many will attend we can secure a meeting room. We would be grateful if you 
could inform us this week.

  See the message below for arrangments for making your booking with Angie Teh. 
Other nights may also be available, but this over to you to arrange.

  This is my first day back from attending the APA convention in Honolulu.  
Will get back to you on other matters presently, but this needs to be acted on 

  Best wishes,


  Professor John Gruzelier 
  Division of Neuroscience & Psychological Medicine 
  Imperial College London 
  Charing Cross Campus 
  St Dunstan's Road 
  London W6 8RP 

  Phone 44 020 8 846 7386:  Fax 44 020 8 846 1670: 
  e-mail j.gruzelier@xxxxxxxx 
  Secretary: Mrs Ann Ebberson: Phone 44 020 8 846 7246 

    Dear Ann,

    We do have single standard room based on shared bathroom and toilet 
facilities in Prince's Garden Halls of Residence for the required mentioned 
date.I am pleased to offer you at £30.00 per room per night inclusive VAT and 

    Should it be applicable to you , kindly furnish us with your credit card 
details and expiration date, address and contact number and name list to 
process and guarantee the reservation

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

    Best regards,

    Angie Teh 

    Reservations Agent

    Imperial College London

    Accommodation Link

    Tel: 020 7594 9532 

    Fax: 020 7594 9504/9505

    Email: a.teh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    Imperial College London

    Accommodation Link

    Watt's Way

    Prince's Gardens

    SW7 1LU 

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any personal information is at your own risk.**

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