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In een bericht met de datum 15-10-2004 17:13:45 West-Europa (zomertijd), 
schrijft Foksfam@xxxxxxx:

> I have a new 17 yr old male client who is a Muslim and will be observing 
> Ramadan (no food or drink is taken during daylight hours for a month). I am 
> concerned about the demands of NFB on a hungry and dehydrated brain 

Hello Melissa and group,

This is my first time participating with this forum, although I read almost 
all of the posts.
Your concern about the 17 year old observing Ramadan made me think about how 
many people come for training after a days worth of coffee or cola or bad 
eating habits.  The diets people use nowadays stresses metabolism, obstructs 
flow and probably slows brain activity.  Don't worry if the young man doesn't 
eat or drink for eight hours.  His brian is not dehydrated and if the brain 
requires substrate, it shall receive it if he is breathing.  It is, however, 
important that he puts good stuff into his body in the morning and after 
 A liter of water at least, fresh fruits and vegies, etc.  No alcohol after 
the fast, but then if he practices Ramadan he probably would not be guzzling a 
six pack in the evening.  And I'm afraid to say that drinking is so common in 
our society, that not drinking is rare!  (Alcohol is a poison for the brain, 
yet it is even commonly given to children.  It has an affinity for the 
cerebellum and I'm certain we all know how the cerebellum is involed with 
Fasting will mobilize the fatty acids and maintian a level glucose in the 
blood.  It should actually be one of the most metabolic equilibrated moments.  
fast every day for hours as we sleep.  It is not a stess for our brains.
 So, I say go for the fast, it won't hurt while the modern western diet and 
drinking definately will, and we work quite well even with that.


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