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Dear all,
I am very happy about the various current publications on Neurofeedback
in different European countries. Adding to Dörte´s report on the radio
report here in Germany I can say that we innitiated the contact to the
radio reporter who is specialized in the medical field and did another
radio issue with us some months ago in the field of Central Audio
Processing Deficits (CAPD). Michael Engel visited several practicianers
working with Biofeedback/Neurofeedback on ProComp Infiniti and did a
great job describing solemnly using recordings to describe what
Neurofeedback is all about and what effects he could find described by
patients and therapists. 
I will try to obtain a recording from him to place on the net (it is
German obviously). Once it is out I will inform you through this list.
Best regards,
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berrieand annie and all, 
annie, thank you for the article and berrie, 
congratulations to this article! i guess its in your language, so that
it is difficult to share the content. 
another sign for widespreading was a radioreport in our region in
september - 10 minutes about neurofeedback, not bad researched by a
medicine-reporter. part of the report was in my practise, where me and
some of my patients were interviewed. 
those who want to read or hear the report (in german, i am sorry!):
www.eegbiofeedback.de . 
all the best/tschüß/hoie/ciao 

"Berrie Gerrits" <praktijkgerrits@xxxxxxxxx> schrieb: 
> Hello to All, 
> a full page article on Neurofeedback was published yesterday in one of
the biggest newspapers! Very informative for the general public. So,
yes, the word is spreading! 
> Met vriendelijke groet/All the best/Ciao, 
> Berrie Gerrits 
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> Nederland/Netherlands 
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> Psychotherapie/eerstelijnspsychologie/Supervisie 
> Neurofeedback en QEEG gecertificeerd (AAPB CR) 
> BIG geregistreerd (GZ en psychotherapie) 

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