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Excellent suggestion. Indeed the efficacy of the support should be an important 
factor in selecting a software/hardware provider. This should be based on past 
experience of customers, since, as latin said, verba volant! (words "fly").
Unfortunately, but interestingly enough, if one would give high priority to 
this criterion, most apparently succesful companies (and among them three well 
known "european" hardware companies) should be excluded a priori!

Ralph Warnke <ralph.warnke@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
That is also an experience I could not agree more with: There are a number of 
good systems out there (and some not so good ones). But the most important 
aspect in my eyes is a profound local and international support from the 
provider as ALL systems require assistence when getting started and to achieve 
superb results in due course. So I would like to second Melissa´s broader 
approach in this respect.
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In a message dated 11/10/2004 11:21:02 GMT Daylight Time, Doklein@xxxxxxxxxxx 
my vision would be: recommendations for minimum requirements of 
equipment-features - but neutral resp. products. 

I think both are needed - a specification of minimum requirements, which may be 
common to several systems - but also a specific product recommendation in order 
to obtain best prices, funding and support from a committed provider.

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