[Enzo] Day 67 report - one more thing!

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  • Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2014 21:27:10 -0700

We just realized that we forgot to mention that this morning, Enzo passed his 
hearing test! He must have hit the books extra hard because he passed both ears 
on the first try. We weren't really concerned since he obviously hears just 
fine, but it's a relief to see it verified. 

We also heard that Dr. Chan reviewed Enzo's RetCam report and found him clear 
of ROP. Sherry booked us a follow up appointment with the retinologist for a 
week from today to ensure that Enzo doesn't develop ROP it while his blood 
vessels continue maturing. 

That's all for now!

> On Jun 17, 2014, at 20:29, "Phillip Koken" <phil@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Day 67
> Doctor: Johnny Novales
> Nurses: Mary (night), James/Stephanie (day)
> RT: n/a (off-oxygen)
> Gestational age: 38 3/7 weeks
> Weight: 2690 g or 5 lbs. 14.9 oz.
> Length: 47 cm (6/15/14)
> Feeding: ad lib Q 3 hr. (breast milk from bottle + nursing). PO multivitamin 
> with iron (1 mg q 24 hr @ 0800).
> New orders: change from 22 cal to unfortified breast milk
> Other issues: Not stooling regularly.
> Enzo had another good day.
> Last night, Mary R. was asked to come in early since James had to transport 
> twins from another hospital. Mary arrived at 5:45 p.m. and found Enzo slept 
> peacefully. He awoke ten minutes before his 8 p.m. meal and fell asleep 
> immediately after he ate only 40 ml -- quite the contrast to his angry 
> behavior earlier in the day.
> Enzo had a bath that he really enjoyed and generally had a restful night, but 
> his issues eating continued. He ate only 30 ml at the next two meals and 27 
> ml at his last feeding before shift change. Mary said that he was quite 
> clearly hungry, but as soon as he got started, he would become very 
> uncomfortable and stop.  Mary inquired with the nurse practitioner about 
> chipping him, but it was decided against. The doctor will look into it today.
> We arrived at the hospital today about 8 a.m. Enzo had been moved back to his 
> old spot in bed #1, right next to the "door to freedom". Apparently, there 
> were enough new recruits overnight that all the babies from the back row that 
> could be moved, were relocated.
> Baby & Mommy
> <image001.jpg>
> James had discussed with Dr. Salva Enzo's reticence to eat, and she decided 
> to change his feeding to unfortified ("20 calorie") breast milk in hopes that 
> he would eat better. Boy, was Enzo happy about that! He ate 75 ml at the 
> first meal and 60 ml at the following two feedings. Apparently, we have 
> figured out part of what was troubling Enzo's tummy! Unfortunately, Enzo 
> didn't poop at all today. We suspect he's just saving it up for the car ride 
> home.
> About 2:30 p.m., the charge nurse Bonnie was sent home, so James became 
> charge and Stephanie moved up to take care of Enzo. It was a real treat to 
> have her take care of him one last time. Stephanie was particularly excited 
> to hold Enzo, as the last time she had him he had a chest tube and was not 
> "cuddle-able". Much of our afternoon was filled with saying goodbye to the 
> wonderful people who've taken such outstanding care of our little one. We're 
> looking forward to visiting with them again when we come back for 
> Developmental Clinic, if not before.
> Today was Enzo's cousin Austin's 2nd birthday. Enzo really wanted to wish him 
> the best day ever, and he put his all into it. In the end, Enzo was 
> completely exhausted from the revelry!
> Enzo wishes Austin the happiest 2nd birthday!
> <image002.jpg>

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