[Enzo] Day 64 report - is that what breasts are for?

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  • Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2014 21:02:10 -0700

Day 64

Doctor: Bob Piecuch

Nurses: Jeremy (night), James (day)

RT: n/a (off-oxygen)

Gestational age: 38 weeks

Weight: 2664 g or 5 lbs. 14.0 oz.

Length: 47 cm (6/8/14)

FiO2: none!

Flow: none!

Feeding: ad lib Q 3 hr. (22 cal breast milk). PO multivitamin with iron (1
mg q 24 hr - @ 0800). Amount nippled: 50 ml @ 2000, 55 ml @ 2300, 55 ml @
0200, 60 ml @ 0500, 55 ml @ 0800, nursing + 35 ml @ 1100, 55 ml @ 1400, 50
ml @ 1700.

New orders: Ad lib feeding q 3 hr., 0.4 ml glycerin suppository

Other issues: occasional de-sats during feeding, self-resolved. Lots of
difficulty burping. 


Enzo had another good day.


It started with a good night with Jeremy, even if he was fussy. Phillip &
Kelly stuck around until around midnight hanging out with Enzo. It's unusual
for us to be around in the evening so we try to do it when we can (to
connect with the night staff). He didn't have any problems with desatting
during his feedings. At his 5 a.m. bottle he just kept going until he had
eaten 2 full ounces (a lot for Enzo)!


Enzo doesn't like to burp. Phillip encourages him and he refuses



Enzo was happy to see his nurse James again today.  Because it had been 48
hours since his last stool, and he was obviously uncomfortable, James
ordered glycerin suppository. By the end of day-shift he had not produced a
significant "tribute" in his diaper and was obviously continuing to work
towards that goal.


Kelly spent quite a bit of time nursing Enzo at each feeding with
progressively better results. Enzo is still adapting to breast feeding. His
mouth is small and he needs to open WAY up in order to latch on correctly.
Trying to communicate this to him leads to lots of frustration on his
part... Luckily, he seems to be catching on. 


Enzo & his Mommy Kelly

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