[Enzo] Day 63 report - good day, no pix

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Day 63
Doctor: Jamie Jones
Nurses: Jeremy (night), Ruth (day)
RT: n/a (off-oxygen)
Gestational age: 37 6/7 weeks
Weight: 2653 g or 5 lbs. 13.6 oz.
Length: 47 cm (6/8/14)
FiO2: none!
Flow: none!
Feeding: 50-55 ml Q 3 hr. (22 cal breast milk). PO multivitamin with iron (1 mg 
q 24 hr - @ 0800). Nipple every feeding (50 ml @ 2000, 50 ml @ 2300, 50 ml @ 
0200, 55 ml @ 0500, 55 ml @ 0800, 50 ml @ 1100, 55 ml @ 1400, 50 ml @ 1700).
New orders: Cranial ultrasound on Monday, ad lib feeding by nursing or bottle
Other issues: occasional de-sats during feeding, mostly self-resolved. Lots of 
difficulty burping. 

Enzo had a good day today. Enzo's parents were out late, so this is an 
abbreviated report. 

Enzo had a good night with Jeremy. There were no problems with desatting during 
feeding. Enzo has some brief episodes to the low-80's during sleep, but nothing 
worrisome. Car seat test was passed around midnight! Yes!

He had a good day with Ruth, too. Worked on breast feeding with Mom to mixed 
success. The nipple shield was helpful in getting him started. He was pretty 
tired out and frustrated though, so next time, we'll probably go for less time 
at breast, unless he's really being effective. Some serious desats during the 5 
pm nippling, but overall, he's getting much more consistent. 

Expect photos to follow tomorrow. 
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