[Enzo] Day 55 report - Guests and a graduation

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Day 55

Doctor: Anna Marie Salva

Nurses: Leah (night), James (day)

RT: Jeanie (night), Pauline/Amy (day)

Gestational age: 36 5/7 weeks

Weight: 2491 g or 5 lbs. 7.9 oz.

Length: 45 cm (6/1/14)

FiO2: 21% (room air)

Flow: 1 LPM on NC

Feeding: 47 ml Q 3 hr. (24 cal breast milk) through NG tube. PO multivitamin
with iron (0.25 mg q 12 hr). Bottle every feeding, gavage QS (amount
nippled: 47 ml @ 2000, 37 ml @ 2300 (apnea episode down to 60 bpm), 47 ml @
0200, 47 ml @ 0500, 27 ml @ 0800, 30 ml @ 1100, 47 ml @ 1400, 47 ml @ 1700).

New orders: n/a

Other issues: ongoing A/B/D, mostly self-resolved. Last apnea with stim 6/4
11:30pm, during nippling.


Enzo had another good day today!


***Disclaimer*** Today's note may be a bit briefer than normal. Alexander
graduated from high school today, and between the ceremony and guests, we
haven't had much time to write it. Nonetheless, we will include the
pertinent information!


Congratulations, Alexander!!!



Last night, Leah took good care of Enzo (as always). He nippled every feed
and consistently did well (though he did end up needing some extra "O"s
during the early morning feeds). He still isn't eating from the bottle 100%,
but we are steadily making progress in that direction. Unfortunately, he had
a apnea episode in the early morning that required stimulation - setting
back the 5-day clock once more. We aren't upset; we want our precious Enzo
to be ready when he leaves the NICU.


Enzo's oxygen has remained at 1 liter per minute at 21% (room air).
Occasionally, we will go up during feeds to 23%, but it is becoming a rare


Enzo started out strong for his 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. feeds, but then, he got
angry or scared and decided not to take anymore after about half. He was
back to normal after 2 p.m. Enzo's OT Lucy thinks that he is still
perfecting his technique with the nipple, and we totally agree. 


Mike and Melinda came by to visit on their way to Alexander's graduation.
Enzo was very happy to see them!





Between Linda, Kelly, Phillip, Mike and Melinda. Enzo hardly had a moment in
his crib today. He wasn't complaining! 


James was the perfect nurse through all this and was super supportive and
present while still being focused on taking care of Enzo. Any time the
monitor started alarming he was at our elbow, while still allowing us our
time with our youngest family member.





In closing, here's a video of Linda snuggling with her grandson:


We promise to be more detailed in tomorrow's report!

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