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Dear Fellow Traveler:

You are invited to receive a free subscription to THE
an investigative journalism magazine that features in-depth articles (not
linked feeds) by environmental writers from various news outlets
(HuffingtonPost, Environmental News Network, Earth911, among others), and
guest posts by environmental scientists.

You may visit THE ENVIRONMENTALIST <http://www.the-environmentalist.com/>at:
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Here are five representative articles:
The New Peloponnesian War: Fires Rage Across Southern
struck in the form of fast moving forest fires in the Peloponnese
region of Greece, exacerbated, possibly, by arson, and, most definitely, by
climate change that has led to the  deaths of forty-one people...
 EU bans 30,000 chemicals used in the
regulations on 30,000 chemicals, currently unregulated (according to the EU
report) in the United States, went into  effect in the European Union on
June 1st under the acronym
Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals).
These chemicals, known  as endocrine disrupters <http://tinyurl.com/2lqmgb>,
are suspected of "increasing rates of breast and testicular cancer, male
infertility, diabetes, even obesity."  ( read
The Sierras' Warning of a Warming
twenty-two year USGS
study<http://www.usgs.gov/newsroom/article.asp?ID=1716>of 21,000 trees
in the Sierras has produced an unexpected result:  The
trees are dying. Not just one variety, but Ponderosa Pines, the White Fir
Conifers, the Red Fir, the Jeffrey Pines, the Subalpine... ( read
Pet Food Recall - The FDA Updates their
the news has almost non-existent lately about the Pet Food Recall, the risk
to animals still exists for those that have not been keeping up with the
recall lists. The FDA, while falling notably short at times in the crisis,
has been working to update their website <http://tinyurl.com/2bjasu> as a
junction of information about recalled pet foods... ( read
 Do We Need Another
year after Albert Einstein's publication of E=MC2, an unknown writer named
Upton Sinclair published an exposé of the horrid conditions within the
Chicago meat packing industry.  The book, entitled " The
became a best seller that has stayed in print ever since its 1906
publication. But it's not Sinclair's impact on literature that has led me to
ask the question: Do we need another Jungle? It's the recent influx of
tainted goods from overseas... ( read

We hope you find the information useful and invite you to check back
regularly, as new articles are posted frequently.

Thank you,

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