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THE ENVIRONMENTALIST <http://www.the-environmentalist.com/>, the
investigative journalism magazine that features original articles by writers
from HuffingtonPost, Earth911, etc. (along with guest posts by environmental
scientists from around the world), has been asked to offer you both a free
online <http://www.the-environmentalist.com/> access (without a subscription
required) by a former member of Clark's Army.

Note:  THE ENVIRONMENTALIST does not share email addresses nor does it
charge for story alerts and online access is free.

Here are links to some of our articles:
 The New Peloponnesian War: Fires Rage Across Southern
struck in the form of fast moving forest fires in the Peloponnese region of
Greece, exacerbated, possibly, by arson, and, most definitely, by climate
change that has led to the  deaths of more than sixty people...
 The Sierras' Warning of a Warming
twenty-two year  USGS study of 21,000 trees in the Sierras has produced an
unexpected result:   The trees are dying. Not just one variety,
butPonderosa Pines, the White Fir Conifers, the Red Fir, the
Jeffrey Pines, the Subalpine...
 Pet Food Recall - The FDA Updates their
the news has almost non-existent lately about the Pet Food Recall, the risk
to animals still exists for those who have not been keeping up with the
recall lists...
 NASA's Climate Change Satellites - Drastic WH Cuts Leaked
after President Bush announced his plans to address climate change, both
NOAA and NASA experts revealed that the Bush Administration is "drastically
scaling back efforts to measure global warming from space"...

As you have shown a previous interest in politics (THE ENVIRONMENTALIST
focuses on the geopolitical impact of climate change, among other
environmental issues), we invite you to visit the site, to subscribe for
free if you like, to measure your carbon footprint while you're there, and
to bookmark the home page for future reference.

Thank you,

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