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> Subject: [syc-sustainable_campuses] energy action
> day prep kit
> ~it's not too late to be part of the biggest pan
> Canada-US  energy action  
> ever!! - read on to find out how.~
> in this email you will find:
> 1)background about the energy action coalition and
> the oct. 19th day of action
> 2) important request (links for registering your
> action  - the sooner you 
> register it the better for media purposes...)
> 3) a list of suggested actions for your campus (with
> priority actions 
> highlighted -- including contact info for places
> like NRCan to get copies of 1 
> tonne challenge info kits)
> 4)additional resources
> _ _ _
> Hello everyone, I hope the post conference recovery
> is going well on all 
> fronts. For those of you reading this who don?t
> know, my name is Geneva Guerin 
> and I will be taking over as National Coordinator of
> the Sustainable Campuses 
> project from Fernando Aloise on October 18th.
> Today finds us only 11 days away from the
> Canada-United States Energy Action 
> Day! As October 19th has been designated Energy
> Action Day, events around 
> climate change and greenhouse gas reduction will be
> occurring at campuses all 
> over Canada and the US - and the more the merrier!
> At the sustainable campuses 
> national strategizing session last week, one of the
> actions we agreed to 
> undertake was effort put toward this initiative.  A
> national press release will 
> be sent out by mid next week that can be adapted for
> each campuses, or used as 
> a starting point for drafting your own media
> releases (if you want. stay tuned 
> for that).
> So......a little context info:
> 1) The energy coalition is:
> Uniting a diversity of organizations in an alliance
> that will support and 
> strengthen the student and youth clean energy
> movement in North America. 
> Together we will leverage our collective power and
> create change for a clean, 
> efficient, just and renewable energy future. We will
> accomplish this by 
> focusing on four strategic areas: campuses,
> communities, corporate practices, 
> and politics. (for more info check out the website:
> energyaction.net)
> The oct. 19th day of action will be:
> A coordinated effort to have students/youth in
> Canada and the US sign on to the 
> 'Energy' charter of rights and freedoms (for
> Canada). and the 'Energy' 
> decleration of independence (for US). as well,
> various campus actions are 
> taking place. 
> 2) FIRST REQUEST: the coalition is asking that all
> events -no matter how big or 
> small- be registered on the energyaction.net site
> (button on homepage just 
> above the map icon). this will be useful for the
> media outreach to give an idea 
> as to how many actions are involved (already 44 in
> the US!!).
> SECOND REQUEST: even if you are not planning an
> action, go to the site and sign 
> onto the charter/declaration (depending on whether
> you are canadian or from the 
> us). right now only the US declaration is a link on
> the site, but the canadian 
> charter will be soon -- it is already there under
> the resources button to 
> download, print and circulate and we will soon be
> able to sign on line.
> everyone is encouraged to 
> circulate the link to the e-sign on (once it is up
> and ready), and to print 
> hard copies for circulation on campuses (you need to
> send the hardcopies to syc 
> asap after the action so that we can transfer them
> into an excel spreadsheet to 
> put into the grande compedium of signatures).
> 3)Here are some ideas for campus events:
> first, here are some ideas that came out of the
> national strategizing session 
> that are not included in the list below:
> - order 1 tonne challenge info kits for distribution
> (they are free guides to 
> reducing individual ghg's - call 1-800-O CANADA or
> order on-line at http://
>    - but hurry if 
> you want them by the 19th!!!
> - buying wind power for your uni prez' laptop! at
> only $6, this can be a great 
> media hook for your action on campus! check out the
> pembina's website for 
> details http://www.pembina.org/wind_power_pcs.asp
> 25 Ways to Demand your Freedom from Dirty Energy! 
> (curtesy lindsay telfer, the energy action
> strategizing session at the 
> sustainable campuses conference, and the energy
> action coalition)
> 1.)Sign on to the Canadian Clean Energy Charter of
> Rights and Freedoms...stage 
> a signing event where you can get students in your
> school or on your campus to 
> sign also!
> 2.)Take Action for a Renewable Energy Future for
> Canada at SYCs action centre 
> www.syc-cjs.org/takeaction!  Here you can send a
> letter to our Prime 
> Minister,  Premiers and elected officials demanding
> that Canada catch up to 
> the rest of  the industrialized world by setting
> clean energy targets of 20% 
> by 2020. 
> 3.)Host a clean energy educational event on
> campus-Show a movie, have a cool 
> speaker, or a round table discussion. Check out the
> Hot Times in Alaska film 
> on climate change at the Alaska Tribal Conference
> for Environmental Managers.
> 4.)Hold a meeting with your school prinicple or
> campus president or 
> administration about the important of clean energy
> on campus. Make sure you 
> ask for commitments on your campus, and hold them to
> it!
> 5.)Hold a critical mass bicycle ride on a busy
> street to highlight our 
> dependence on dirty oil. Rush hour is the best time.
> Dress up in fun costumes, 
> and have the Declaration on hand for passerbys to
> sign! 
> 6.)Make a bunch of windmills, and put them around
> campus with the 
> energyaction.net website. Or, have a demonstration
> with human windmills! Make 
> it a silent protest with lots of people and one
> spokesperson so people ask 
> questions and you have an opportunity to educate,
> engage and retain interested 
> people!
> 7.)Launch your campus clean energy campaign!
> Announce your goals for achieving 
> clean, renewable energy, and your plan for doing it!
> 8.)Hold a press conference around the signing of the
> Declaration of 
> Independence from Dirty Energy. Invite your local
> and campus media. For help 
> with national media, contact us! 
> 9.)It?s getting hot in here! Have a beach party to
> highlight how the 
> temperature is rising because of climate change.
> Wear bathing suits, set up a 
> volleyball net, and talk to students about clean
> energy! 
> 10.)Dress up as a delivery person and deliver a box
> of premature death 
> certificates strategically to a dirty energy target
> with the message, "this is 
> from the future." Be sure to mention our vision of a
> clean energy future!
> 11.)Host a haunted house demonstrating how scary
> climate change and dirty 
> energy can be! Have people dress up as oil soaked
> birds and nuclear mutants! 
> 12.)Have a demonstration about mountain-top removal
> with a Jack in the Box 
> explosion periodically, showing the frequency and
> destructiveness of these 
> projects. These models should clearly illustrate how
> hundreds of feet of 
> elevation are lost in the destructive practice of
> leveling mountains.
> 13.)Talk about the link between dirty energy, health
> issues, and asthma. Get 
> students to dress in all white and have masks on. At
> a certain time they all 
> fall down, struggling for air.  
> 14.)Organize a clean energy carnival! Get a popcorn
> machine powered by clean 
> energy, and have energy themed games and relays! 
> 15.)Show the representative make-up of electricity
> generation sources (eg. 
> using flags, piles of coal or other materials) on a
> campus building. 
> 16.)Organize a "Run for Your Life" race from a dirty
> energy facility. 
> 17.)Wear gas masks and haz mat suits, hand out
> information, and get students 
> to sign the Declaration! 
> 18.)Have a sit-in with campus administration until
> they agree to support clean 
> energy. Make sure that this is part of your larger
> campaign strategy!
> 19.)Deliver a bag of coal and switches to a
> strategic ?not so nice? target who 
> you want to support clean energy! 
> 20.)Block an entrance of a dirty energy facility
> with coal, windmills, etc. 
> Make sure you know all the legal issues before you
> start planning!
> 21.)BLACKOUT DIRTY POWER! - Do it in the dark all
> day to declare independence 
> from dirty power. Have an accoustic concert. Make
> "Do it in the Dark T-
> shirts". Spotlight solar and wind power symbols with
> energy efficient lights
> .
> 22.)Link up with international groups or community
> groups in your area 
> fighting environmental racism around energy issues. 
> 23.)WAKE UP AND SMELL THE SOLAR! - Get a local solar
> company to lend a 
> portable hot-water heater so you can serve
> solar-powered fair-trade java and 
> collect signatures on the Declaration. Have a bake
> sale too to raise money for 
> clean energy!
> 24.)Find out the electricity usage of the major
> buildings on campus and post 
> stickers on all the light switches (and everywhere
> else) talking about the 
> damage its causing (this could also be flyers,
> posters, chalkboarding). 
> 25.)Don_t forget to share your action ideas on
> www.energyaction.net, 
> And ALWAYS invite the MEDIA!!
> Most of all, Have a blast!
> whew...
> if you made it this far, congrats! you're a real
> trooper.
> If anyone has any questions, please email me. Let?s
> see what happens when we 
> flex our collective muscles!
> -- and please let us (syc office) know if you are
> planning an action, in 
> addition to registering it at energyaction.net --
> you can jsut email me for 
> that.
> Thanks! and happy thanksgiving/genocide weekend
> (depending how you look at 
> it...)
> Geneva 
> _______________________________________________
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