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  • Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2004 00:22:23 -0500

This is a call for volunteers for the Sustainable Student Housing Project!! 
Please see the webpage www.syc-cjs.org/sshp.
We are looking for a group of 10-15 volunteers to come help build a sustainable 
student residence at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College in Newfoundland this summer 
(please seee www.swgc.mun.ca). Food (hearty vegetarian and as organic as 
possible!) and accomodation will be provided. We are hoping to be able to 
subsidise travel or provide train or bus tickets for participants as well.
The residence will be completely off-the-grid, based on natural building 
techniques and renewable energies.  Once completed it will accommodate six 
students. The main construction techniques will be cordwood construction, which 
is the use of short pieces of wood and mortar to form the walls. The building 
will also demonstrate a host of other techniques such as adobe, cob, rammed 
earth, wattle and daub, light earth, and straw bale. It will also feature a 
self-contained water system based on living machine, cisterns and rainwater 
collection, and a wind turbine, solar panels, composting toilets, efficient 
lighting, and much much more! It is being designed by Chris Walker of Chris 
Walker Architecture Ltd. (www.chriswalkerarchitect.com).
Ideally we are looking for 10-15 committed volunteers who will be able to stay 
for the whole summer, however if people are interested in coming out for a week 
or a month for specific aspects of construction they will also be welcome. If 
you are interested in learning hands-on how to build a house or install a 
renewable energy system this will be the perfect opportunity for you! No 
previous building experience is required. The camp will be guided by 
professionals from across the country, who will teach everyone how to construct 
the building!
I have attached an application form if you are interested. The deadline for 
applications is March 1st. The application form only requires brief answers! 
But if you have any questions or comments or would like to talk over the phone 
please contact me. My number is 250 832 5012 (PST), e-mail: 
lherbert@xxxxxxxxxxx If you would like more information concerning the project 
please don't hesitate to contact me.
Also if there are any people out there who may be interested in helping to 
organise the project right now I (I!) would greatly appreciate any assistance. 
There are many things to be done! If you may be interested in helping, please 
contact me.
Laird Herbert
The Sustainable Student Housing Project
phn: 250 832 5012
web: www.syc-cjs.org/sshp

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