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Short Term/Part-time Employment OPPORTUNITY

Researcher, Sustainable Campuses Project: 

Sierra Youth Coalition 




Job Classification:             12 Week Part-Time Contract

Position Title:                    Researcher, Sustainable Campuses Project

Application Deadline: Wednesday December 17th, 5pm

Wage:                          Contract Wage $3,500.00

Location:                     SYC National Office, Ottawa, Ontario


(This position could be done from distance.  If this is your case please 
provide an account of how you would maintain detailed communication with the 
SYC National Office in Ottawa outlining the challenges you might encounter and 
how you would overcome these challenges).


Project Overview:


The Sustainable Campuses project is currently one of SYC's main focus areas. 
The project seeks to inspire, inform, train, and support Canadian students in 
the pursuit of social and environmental change through their campus. The 
projects main focus is to support students in the development and 
implementation of sustainable policies and Environmental Management Systems 
(EMS) for their educational institutions. The Sustainable Campuses project aims 
to promote a systematic approach to change in campus practices. It promotes 
students' efforts to work within the systems of their educational institutions 
in order to create permanent, institutionalized mechanisms to ensure 


Project Concept:

The Sierra Youth Coalition (SYC) recently launched our new database of Campus 
Success Stories.  This database can be found on the newly designed SYC website 
at www.syc-cjs.org.  Over the past 5 years SYC has been working to actively 
promote issues around campus sustainability on post-secondary schools across 
Canada.  Many Canadian university and college campuses have implemented 
initiatives for sustainability over the last decade. There is a need for the 
documentation and publication of these best practices and case studies. This 
valuable information provides the best opportunity for students to learn about 
how to change their university by modeling themselves after other student 
success stories. SYC wants to capture Canadian campus sustainability success 
stories in a web-based database so that this information is accessible to 
students nationally. This would build on the toolkit by providing a venue to 
continually update stories. 



1)      Conduct research on Canadian University Sustainability Success Stories, 
collecting approximately 1 success story for each University involved in the 
SYC Sustainable Campuses Network as well as outreach to campuses who are not 
actively involved in the Coalition activities.

2)      Write and Design with the Sustainable Campuses National Coordinator and 
the Youth Environmental Network Coordinator project publicity and brochures.

3)      Oversee the translation of collected success stories.


Preferred Qualifications: 

q       Possess knowledge of campus sustainability initiatives; 

q       Bilingual (french/english) is an asset;

q       Strong writing, editing and research skills; 

q       Ability work in flexible work environment;

q       Knowledge of website development could prove beneficial;

q       Understanding of the youth environmental movement;

q       Past involvement with the Sierra Youth Coalition and the Sustainable 
Campuses Project.

For more information on this project or others of the Sierra Youth Coalition 
check out our 'NEW' website at www.syc-cjs.org or email us at info@xxxxxxxxxxx 
.  You can also reach us by telephone at 613.241.1615.


SAMPLE ELECTRONICALLY! (to help save paper) Put Sustainable Campuses CV in the 
subject area. 


SYC is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from members 
of minority groups.

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