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Our Food, Our Waste, Our Environment: Making the urban-rural connection
Wednesday January 28, 7:30-9:30 pm
St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts, 27 Front Street East, Toronto
Admission is free

Download printable flyer: http://forum.stlc.com

As Toronto expands, we are becoming further and further removed from 
the farms that provide the shrink-wrapped food we buy. What do we really 
know about the food we eat and the waste we generate? As urbanites we 
need to reconnect with how our food is produced, how our waste is 
disposed and what really is a fair price for food.
Increasingly industrialized agri-business export food from the country 
to cities - within Canada and globally. 

Intensive livestock operations are making an impact on rural air, water 
and soil quality. As Torontonians we also export our sewage sludge, 
which is spread on fields. How do these modern farming practices affect 
our food, health, and the environment? How are governments and large 
scale agribusinesses responding to environmental and food quality concerns 
post-Walkerton? How can we work toward a sustainable food system? 

Don Mills: Organic livestock farmer and Ontario Regional Co-ordinator 
for the National Farmers Union.
Maureen Reilly: Water Quality Campaign Leader, Sierra Club.
Bill Weida: Project Co-ordinator, Global Resource Action Center for the 
Environment Factory Farm Project; former Professor of Economics and 
Business, The Colorado College, Colorado Springs. 
Jim Dalrymple: Agricultural consultant with Livestock Technology 
Services and contributor to Better Farming publications. Formerly a civil 
servant with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food.
Invited: Representative of the Ontario Liberal Government.

Moderator: Karin Wells: Broadcast journalist with CBC Radio's The 

Event sponsored by the St. Lawrence Centre Forum, The Council of 
Canadians, Beyond Factory Farming, the GRACE Foundation, and the Toronto Food 
Policy Council.

Carolyn Langdon 
STLC Forum 
27 Front St. E. 
Toronto  M5E 1B4
(416)366-1656 x274
website: http://forum.stlc.com

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