[ensu] anti-corporation meeting

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  • Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 22:58:41 -0500

I just heard about this. It's a meeting about starting an anti-corporate 
movement on campus.



Attention!  Attention!  Attention!
Come talk about how to challenge corporate biotech influence on campus.
This will be the second strategizing meeting to develop a campaign against
the influence of the biotechnology industry at U of T.

Date: February 12th, 2004
Time: 5 - 7 pm
Location: Sidney Smith room 1086 (100 St George Street)

U of T has numerous ties to the biotech industry and is involved in
public-private partnerships that threaten the academic freedom of students
and faculty.  Meanwhile, tuition fees are increasing as governments cut back
on funding that subsidizes student costs, yet spending more on partnerships
that subsidize the private sector.

Please contact the Ontario Public Interest Research Group - Toronto
(OPIRG-Toronto) for more information, or to obtain a copy of "U of T, inc."
which maps out the many ties between U of T and the biotech industry.  Tel:
(416) 978-7770
E-mail: opirg.toronto@xxxxxxxxxxx

Also visit the Polaris Institute website to view a copy of "U of T, inc."
Go to www.polarisinstitute.org, follow the BioJUSTICE link, then "Corporate
Biotech University," then "U of T, inc."  If you would like to get in touch
with Polaris, contact us at: (613) 237-1717, ext. 103 or

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