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  • Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 20:33:51 -0500

Dear UTERN members,

It?s been a while since you heard directly from us. Here?s a quick update on 
the things we have been working on since we got back to school. Please take the 
time to read through this short update, as important issues are being addressed.

1. ENVIRONMENT WEEK. UTERN has set aside $5000 to fund projects that will take 
place during Environment Week. The funding process is also facilitated for 
these projects. If you have an idea and the time to organize an event for 
Environment Week, but need funding, come and ask us.
Contact Brian at 

2. UPCOMING ELECTIONS. We all really believe in the potential of UTERN. 
However, a number of the board directors will be graduating this year and will 
not be applying for positions next year. We will also be updating our 
constitutions to include more positions. This is a great opportunity for you to 
get formally involved with this great organization. Remember, managing a 
$20,000 fund is a very good asset for anyone?s resume. If you are interested in 
applying for a position for 2004-05, 
Contact Jake at 

3. PRINTER CARTRIDGES. We are continuing to recycle printer cartridges, and we 
are working on expanding the infrastructure to the whole University. If you 
want to help us out, please do not hesitate. You could become the official 
coordinator for your college or residence, and if you work on behalf of a 
group, there will be income opportunities for the group. 
Contact Quentin at 

4. ENVIRONMENTAL ART CONTEST. UTERN in collaboration with ENSU will be printing 
and selling trendy Tshirts with an environmental message. If you are an artist 
and you would like to see your environment-aware design printed on our Tshirts, 
enter our contest! 
Contact Edward at 

5. POSTERING. We are about to launch our first massive advertising campaign. We 
will soon be organizing postering days, where we will all go out together and 
put up posters for our various projects. Please get involved! This is very 
important for the future of UTERN and it is going to be fun! 
Contact Edward at 

6. WEBSITE. We are proud to announce that our new website is almost 
operational. It?s going to be a big change, and we strongly encourage you to 
visit it often. The address will be the same, and it will be up and running by 
the end of next week!

That?s all folks! Hopefully some of these projects are of interest to you. If 
you want to see who we are and find out what we do in more detail, come to our 
open meeting this Tuesday February 10th, at 6pm in the Environmental Conference 
Room, Earth Science Building South.

University of Toronto Environmental Resource Network
Room 1047 EAS

Membership to UTERN is open to all students, staff, faculty and alumni of the 
University of Toronto by joining our LISTSERV. To join the UTERN LISTSERV, send 
an email to listserv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with the words ?subscribe utern-l? 
followed by first name and then last name in the body of the email. 
For example; subscribe utern-l John Smith

You will then receive a message asking for confirmation of your subscription. 
Simply reply to the message with the word ?ok? on the first line of the body. A 
follow-up email will be sent to you with further details about the LISTSERV.

By signing on to our LISTSERV, you will receive our emails containing concise 
and relevant information about the important and exciting environmental events, 
projects and volunteer opportunities at all three U of T campuses. All other 
information will be available on our website at http//:utern.sa.utoronto.ca 

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