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Hi everyone,




This is about the following:

The Rae Review is important!

The opportunity exists for us to alert Mr. Rae that sustainable change 

should be part of his review of higher education. 

            Is setting a sustainable direction - socially, economically and 
environmentally ? 

for post secondary education (PSE) a provincial priority?

Are we willing to commit to doing something?  Can YOU get involved?          


The Rae Review of post-secondary education in Ontario is already underway.  
Most of us can agree that the Rae Review (http://www.raereview.on.ca/) is a 
great thing.  (If you don?t know what the Rae Review is check out Rae Review 
101 attached).  So far the review considers mostly economic and some social 
issues.  It isn?t looking at sustainability or environmental issues at all.  We 
need to add a new lens to the review that?s currently underway that will 
generate a sustainable way of fixing our post-secondary institutions.  


WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME.  Public consultation for the Rae Review will be 
completed within a month and we need to decide:


Is it a priority for you as a member of the Sustainable Campuses movement in 
Ontario that this movement develop a position statement and a lobbying approach 
for the inclusion of campus sustainability into the current review of higher 
education (the Rae Review)?  


Provincial collaboration and banding together on this issue would make place 
for sustainability in the vision and operations of Ontario universities 
stronger.  We are only going to be able to get sustainability into the debates 
if we send a united message: that sustainability is part of our vision of 
Ontario?s universities.  


There are a lot of really important issues already being considered: 
accessibility, quality, system design, funding and accountability.  Do we feel 
that something is missing here? Like a holistic approach ? like maybe 
considering the environment should play a larger role in the way we look at 
PSE?  If so are you willing to join a committee to develop a set of principles 
and statements that we can all communicate at our respective Town hall 
Meetings?  If you can?t join the committee, are you willing to go to the Town 
Hall meetings and stand up for the place of sustainability in higher education?


The Rae Review Town Hall meetings are one way that we students can have an 
impact on what is highlighted in the recommendations of the Rae Review.  These 
are public consultation events where students and others have opportunity to 
voice their concerns about the state of post-secondary education in Ontario and 
the direction that it needs to take.  These consultations are happening NOW.  
The next Town Hall meetings are from Nov. 15 to Dec. 8, which means we really 
have to act FAST if we want to come up with a unified and consistent message 
across Ontario.


Choosing to mobilize around this issue would mean the following:

1.      Deciding that this is a priority for us provincially.  I feel that it 
may be possible to have this discussion via email or it may be preferable to 
set up a conference call to talk it out.  What do we prefer?

2.      Develop a coordinated set of priorities and messages that we will 
communicate at the upcoming town hall meetings.  

3.      Have at least 1 student from your group attend and speak at the public 
consultation with the Rae Review panel in your area.

4.  If the public consultation in your community has already passed, submit at 
least one set of online comments to the Rae Review on how campus sustainability 
should be part of this Review and where it fits.


You can find out all about the Rae Review at (http://www.raereview.on.ca/).  
We?ve also included a couple more notes on what the Rae Review is.


In solidarity,

Justin Grenier

McMaster Students Union
Executive Board 2004-2005

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