[ensu] U of Montreal student, Habitat for Humanity trip, GMO challenge update

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Hi everybody,

My name is Raphaëlle, I am a Université de Montréal
student. I am writing an article about alternative
transportation for our student paper. Basically, I
want to make a list of different options that have
been developed on North American campuses.

There is a lot of new buildings underway on our
campus, so we are facing a loss of 800 parking spaces
(we had 3250 before). However, as of yet, the
University does not have any special programs (or an
integrated transportation authority) to push mass
transit, cycling, or carpooling.

Being inside the city, we are fairly well-served by
public transportation (3 metro stations), and we have
bike racks and a carpool matching system, but the
University doesn't provide any real incentives for

So if your campus has developed original ways of
moving everyone more sustainably, don't hesitate to
let me know. I am interested in finding out about
costs, about the types of resources that the
University had to provide, and about conditions for

Please write me at r_derome@xxxxxxxx before Christmas!

Thank you!



The U of T Chapter of Habitat for Humanity is organizing a Reading Week 
Trip to build houses in Connecticut and we're looking for participants. If 
you could pass on this information to your membership, it would be greatly 
appreciated. The build will take place from Tuesday, February 17 to 
Saturday, February 21, 2004. The trip will also include a visit to New 
York City. The cost is $270 per person. No building experience is necessary. 
Anyone interested in participating should contact 


Dear friends, 

We have recently sent off the letter to the Gates Foundation. Thank you 
for those of you who have contributed your support by signing on to the 
petition. We have got tremendous response. In just 2 weeks we have 
received more than 300 signatures from email alone!!

We are still collecting signatures for the GMO Challenge campaign as a 
EU-US intervention in WTO dispute and the number is increasing 
steadily. The dispute process may take time, and that will give us a chance to 
collect more signatures. Vandana Shiva and friends are in the process 
of developing an amicus draft to present along with the signatures. 

Your help is crucial in spreading the word and helping us achieve our 
goal of at least 100,000 signatures! For a copy of the declaration, 
please go to www.vshiva.net under "campaign". You can distribute it during 
meetings, conferences, or any gatherings.

The world social forum is coming soon and our organization (Navdanya) 
is organizing a number of events. Hope some of you may be able to come 
and attend. For more information of events go to www.wsfindia.org 

For questions regarding thisGMO  campaign, please do not hesitate to 
email us.

Best regards, 

GMO Challenge coordinator 

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