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Here's a little bit of election campaigning from Ward 30.


Hello fellow greens, 

Many of you are probably aware that Greg Bonser is running for City
Councillor in Ward 30 - Jack Layton's old seat. 

It's Greg's first election, but it's something he has been working towards
over the past three years already down at City Hall.  Greg is successfully
pushing for critical changes to the Official Plan and Waterfront Plans that
will help make Toronto a greener place in the future, working on waste 
management issues and, as a professional, working to get City approvals to build

He was the first candidate to register and has been going door to door and
building support around the issue of the construction of a large fossil fuel
power plant in the south end of the Ward.  Had Greg not been taking every
opportunity to tell people how a plant that will release as much pollution
as about 230,000 cars driving around in a circle the proponents may have
been able to meet their target of having shovels in the ground this fall.
Local residents are thrilled that Greg Bonser is the only person telling
them of this plan.  Community members shake their heads in amazement when 
learn that none of the MPP candidates made this an election issue.  The task
been left to Greg to continue to build support.  Greg is building on this
support by talking about windmills.  They're on his flyers, his signs and in
hearts of many in the neighbourhood. 

The Star ran a story on the race: 


As usual, the media has placed Greg firmly in 4th place of 8 candidates.  
the only green candidate running.  The Star had nice things to say about his
campaign - why not help prove them to be right? 

The response Greg has been getting at the doors is tremendous.  In only a
few hours going door to door he received twenty-two sign requests and caused 
number of NDP, Liberal and Tory supporters to accept signs and seriously
consider giving Greg their votes.  On some streets, the number of Greg 
Windmill lawn signs outnumber all of the other candidates signs COMBINED! 

Greg needs your help.  He desperately needs to get to each of the doors and
to make his presence better known in the neighbourhood.  Please consider
Greg go door to door or meet people on the streets.  You could also help by
making phone calls, delivering signs and flyers as well as helping to get 
voters to the polls on November 10.  Please contact Alex Phillips
(alphilli@xxxxxxxxxxxxx) or Daryl Landau (daryl@xxxxxxxxxxx) for volunteer
opportunities related to the campaign. 

Please also consider attending one of the following events: 

Wednesday October 22, 7pm
All candidates debate. Support Greg and hear from the other candidates. 

Thursday October 23, 7pm
All candidates debate. Support Greg and hear from the other candidates. 

Saturday October 25
Join planning action and Greg for a walk on Toronto's Waterfront to learn 
the proposed revitalization. 

Wednesday October 29, 7pm
Public meeting on the Portlands Energy Centre. Learn more about the project 
help to support Greg (co-organizing the event). 

Monday November 10
Election Day-vote and help Greg get the vote out. 

Friday November 14
Victory party. 

Thank you. 

Greg Bonser for Ward 30 City Councillor


Although the race is in Ward 30, the ecological issues raised in Greg 
Bonser's campaign are important for the entire city.  The most readily 
apparent: Greg has been the sole voice of public opposition to a gas-burning 
smokestack planned for the Toronto waterfront.  Our campaign has managed to 
force this once-secret deal between millionaire Robert Fung's Waterfront 
Redevelopment Corporation and Ontario Power Generation corp. into the light 
of day --and forced N.D.P. rep Mariyln Churley to reverse her position 
(which had been, until ten days ago, one of active support).  We are 
succeeding in informing the community --one household at a time-- of a plan 
that would have radically changed their lives for the worse, and are slowly 
gaining the impetus for public protest.  We already have over 600 signatures 
on a petition calling for an Environmental Assessment before the plan 

For more information: www.gregbonser.com 

I've been working with Greg in hounding the Sustainability Roundtable at 
city hall for a few years, and I've been helping his campaign from from the 
outset.  If you live in the riding, vote for him.  If you want to be part of 
an exciting team of non-ideological, experienced and interesting 
environmentalists, then read the message below and consider joining us on 
the campaign trail.  In the past, Greg has organized some great events, such 
as bike tours explaining the watershed and water-pollution issues in his 
riding, and public seminars looking at sustainable uses for post-industrial 
lands in the ward.  Voting day is November 10th. 

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