[ensu] Saving a Rainforest One Acre at a Time

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A community in Costa Rica that practices sustainable living is working hard to 
create a biological reserve on an endangered 11,500 acre tract of land in the 
Talamanca Mountains of southern Costa Rica.  They have purchased approximately 
2000 acres, mostly old growth rainforest, along with savannah lands that they 
are working hard to restore.  The community members have created a non-profit 
foundation to oversee the creation of this biological reserve and to protect it 
in perpetuity.

The Durika community was founded in 1989 and has become both a model and a 
school for people around the world.  More than three hundred Canadian high 
school and university students have visited the community during the last four 
years.  The people of Durika have become skilled organic farmers, carpenters, 
naturalists and guides.  They know the medicinal qualities of native plants, 
use the forest without harming it and have become master teachers.

Durika reaches out to the world.  The community members work with indigenous 
people, local campesinos, students and scientists.  They have built a wellness 
centre for the isolated people of this mountain region and educate and train 
people in sustainable living, organic farming and wilderness survival.

The founder of the Durika community, along with two other community members, 
will arrive in Canada in late May to share the experiences they have had in 
creating their successful eco-community.  They will deliver a presentation at 
the University of Toronto on Monday May 26, 2003.  

           Date:  Monday May 26, 2003

           Time:  7:00 pm

          Place:  Innis Town Hall (2 Sussex Avenue)

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