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Operation 21 Overseas Placement

This year we are continuing with Operation 21 and we
wish to send someone overseas this summer. We are looking for young,
energetic students who are willing to give of themselves and to learn. You do
NOT need to be an engineer. You do NOT need to be in 3rd or 4th year
(1st and 2nd year students more than welcome). The rationale for the
operation 21 program is as follows:

Many of our members have asked themselves; "How do I
make a positive difference in the world around me?" As members of
EWB we all share a common vision of creating a more equitable world. The most
basic challenged faced by any development organization is translating good
intentions into positive impacts. EWB is embracing this challenge in two
ways; 1) as an organization we are focused in Canada on educating our members,
and 2) overseas our work is carried out within the social and cultural
context of our partners
We recognize that the ability to have impact is the
culmination of years of learning, the proper approach, and a well structured
project with clear outputs that is integrated into a comprehensive
Operation 21 is one step in EWB's process of
creating future development experts and building an organization that is both
thoughtful and educated. The program offers chapters the ability to send
members overseas to participate in a structured four month placement
with one of EWB's established partners.
The goal of these placements is threefold;
1) to have the returning volunteer contribute
knowledge and leadership to his or her chapter,
2) to expose Canadians both directly (the volunteer)
and indirectly (chapter, friends, and family) to the challenges
faced by the billions of people around the world who live in poverty, and
3) to provide our partner agencies with "humble
entrepreneurs" who are able to fill specific short term niche roles within their

Past Op21 overseas volunteers have included;

* David Damberger, a third year mechanical
engineering student who is urrently the President of the University of Calgary
Chapter. David worked in Nilgiris, India where he assisted the locally
based Rural Development Organization (RDO) researching the use of rainwater
catchment systems to collect drinking water for rural schools.
* Janice Levangie, a third year student at
Dalhousie, and Monica Rucki, a third year student at University of British
Columbia worked together in rural Dili, East Timor on solar food
drying technologies. Janice is currently leading her Chapters participation in
EWB's High School outreach program and Monica is now one of her
ChapterTfs Co-Presidents.

There are many other examples; for more information
on past projects or volunteers please visit the EWB web site

You can find the application form and the "statement
of principle" on the website at:

http://toronto.ewb.ca/docs/op_application.pdf  (or a.doc file at
http://toronto.ewb.ca/docs/op_application.doc )
The applications are due in by email to annam@xxxxxx
by 6:00 pm on Saturday, February 14.

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