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This lecture should prove useful to anyone who is planning a career in anything 
that will require important decision-making in environmental policy to 
financial crises. "The Ingenuity Gap" was a great read, so a lecture with 
Professor Thomas Homer-Dixon should prove enlightening for those who haven't 
read the book. Highly recommended.



The Ingenuity Gap: Making Split-Second Decisions that Change the World

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Subject:        Everything is Political Workshop Series - Last Event
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Hi Hyla,

Would you be able to send out the following information for the APS 
Everything is Political Worshop Series to your listserves.  This is the last 
event in our workshop series so we're looking forward to a lot of interest 
from our Politicla Science students!

Thank you in advance,

Carrie Ling
Communications Director
Association of Political Science Students

-- Everything is Political Workshop Series --

The Ingenuity Gap: Making Split-Second Decisions that Change the World

Is our world becoming too complex and too fast-paced to manage? The 
challenges facing human societies -- from international financial crises and 
global climate change to pandemics of tuberculosis and AIDS -- converge, 
intertwine, and often remained largely beyond our understanding. Most of us 
suspect that the "experts" don't really know what's going on and that as a 
species we have released forces that are neither managed nor manageable. 
This is "the ingenuity gap" -- the critical gap between our need for 
practical and innovative ideas to solve complex problems and our actual 
supply of those ideas.

Professor Thomas Homer-Dixon 
explains more on...

Thursday, January 15, 2004                                         
Music Room, Second Floor | 
Hart House

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