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Institute for Environmental Studies Seminar

WED JANUARY 28, 2004, 4:00 p.m. 
Room 2093, Earth Sciences Centre 
(Huron & Bancroft; Geology section of building) 
(north of College St., east of Spadina Ave.)

BOB WILLARD, Ph.D. candidate, OISE/UT and Institute for Environmental
Studies, University of Toronto and Author of "The Sustainability
Advantage: Seven Business Case Benefits of a Triple Bottom Line"

(abstract below)

No registration required; all are welcome.

For more information, please contact  
Mona El-Haddad, Series Coordinator (416-978-6526;

Please check www.utoronto.ca/env/seminars.htm for abstracts and 

Following the outline used in his book, The Sustainability Advantage:
Seven Business Case Benefits of a Triple Bottom Line, Bob will
illustrate how companies are missing out on benefits that could easily
be achieved by adapting sustainable development strategies.  Companies
that capture these benefits will gain a significant competitive edge. 
    Bob convincingly argues that executives do not have to be
transformed into tree-hugging environmental activists to reap the
benefits of sustainability.  They can remain just what their
shareholders expect them to be - hard-nosed executives who evaluate
proposals on their bottom-line merits.  Saving the world and making a
profit is not an either/or proposition; it is a both/and proposition.
Good environmental and social programs make good business sense. 
    The seven sustainability strategies presented in The Sustainability
Advantage are easy to grasp, yet powerful enough to lead to significant
business opportunities, from reducing hiring and retention costs and
improving productivity, to decreasing expenses and increasing revenue
and shareholder value.  Executives especially appreciate a customizable
spreadsheet into which they can insert their own data to see for
themselves whether the case for sustainable initiatives will be a
profitable one for their company.  The power of the spreadsheet as a
catalyst for dialogue with skeptical executives will be demonstrated in
the presentation. 
     See www.sustainabilityadvantage.com for more information.

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