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The fate of Algonquin Park's wolf population will be determined this winter. 
help is urgently needed to maintain public pressure on the Ministry of Natural
Resources to protect the wolves of Algonquin Park permanently.

Algonquin Park is home to the largest protected population of Eastern Canadian
Wolves, a federally listed species at risk. A moratorium on hunting and snaring
these wolves in townships bordering the park is set to expire on June 30th 2004,
giving the population only 30 months to recover from years of human persecution.
Ontario Minister of Natural Resources, David Ramsay will be making a decision 
day now on whether to extend the moratorium or let it expire.

Your help is needed now. In a few quick and easy steps you can send a message to
Premier McGuinty and Minister Ramsay demanding permanent protection for one of 
most endangered wolf populations in the world. Visit the Wolves Ontario! website
at: www.wolvesontario.org/wolves/action/. There is a template letter awaiting 
addition of your name and address. Letters written by people like you gave these
wolves 30-months of protection. Letters are needed again to make the moratorium
into a permanent ban.

Earthroots will be organizing a demonstration to deliver thousands of postcards 
the Minister?s office urging him to protect Algonquin wolves forever. If you can
help us get more postcards signed (at work or in your community) or are willing 
be at the demonstration, please phone Melissa at 416-599-0152 x12 or email
melissa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx for more information.  Help us show the Ontario 
that the public supports stronger wolf protection.

Time is running out - we need your help now.

For more information about the Wolves Ontario! Project, please visit

Melissa Tkachyk, M.E.S.
Wilderness Campaigner

401 Richmond St. West Suite 410
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 3A8
phone: (416) 599-0152 x12
fax: (416) 340-2429

www.earthroots.org - Main website

www.parkalert.org - Park Alert! Campaign
www.wolvesontario.org - Wolves Ontario! Project
www.oakridgesmoraine.com - Oak Ridges Moraine Campaign
Earthroots is non-profit, grassroots, environmental organization dedicated
to protecting wilderness, wildlife and watersheds through research,
education and action. Earthroots has 12,000 supporters in Canada.

Ontario Parks under threat! Find out more at www.parkalert.org

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