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> Hello sustainable campus organizers:
> My name is Kate Woznow and I am working with the
> Rainforest Action Network (RAN) to help mobilize
> Canadians around the Jumpstart Ford Campaign.  For
> those of you who don?t know, Jumpstart Ford is a
> coalition of environmental and social justice
> organizations (including RAN, Global Exchange and
> the Sierra Club) targeting Ford Motor Company for
> producing the worst gas guzzling fleet of vehicles
> on the road today.  Those of you who are involved
> with Energy Action are probably familiar with this
> campaign as RAN and Global X are both EA members. 
> The next day of action targeting Ford is being
> planned for April 1st 2005 (Fossil Fuels Day).  We
> hope to send a powerful message to Ford Canada that
> Canadians want to see significant reductions in GHG
> emissions now.  Ford and other Canadian automakers
> continue to lobby against regulated improvements in
> fuel efficiency. This day of action is an
> opportunity to urge Ford to accept Canada?s Kyoto
> targets and live up to its image as an enviro!
>  nmental
>  leader.  
> Although this campaign has primarily focused on
> Ford?s operations in the US, Canada is highly
> dependent on both the consumption and extraction of
> oil. We as Canadians have an important role to play
> in breaking North America?s dependency on oil.  Last
> November, we held demonstrations outside Ford
> dealerships in Vancouver, Edmonton and Winnipeg.
> Ford executives feel the pressure when dealership
> managers either agree with our stance on Ford?s need
> to improve fuel economy or complain about our
> presence outside their dealerships. In order to
> increase the pressure on Ford, our goal for April
> 1st is to have 10 demonstrations take place across
> Canada. For those working on the campus green fleets
> initiative, another component of the day of action
> will be to ask campus fleet purchasers to send a
> letter to Ford headquarters indicating they will not
> be purchasing Ford vehicles until Ford increases
> fuel economy (more to come on this later!)
> I am looking for people interested in helping to
> organize an action in their city/on their campus
> (actions can include a whole range of activities:
> one-on-one meetings with Ford dealership managers,
> demonstrations, political theatre, petitioning,
> non-violent direct action etc).  I am also more than
> happy to answer any question you may have about the
> Jumpstart Ford campaign. My contact information is:
> katewoznow@xxxxxxxxx or 604-374-1391. Also check out
> www.jumpstartford.com 
> Campaign Overview: 
> The U.S. is the #1 consumer of oil (America consumes
> 25% of the world?s oil with less than 5% of the
> world?s population), but issues like global warming
> don?t stop at the border.  Here in Canada, almost
> half of individual GHG emissions are caused by the
> cars we drive.  And, as one of the top suppliers of
> oil to the US, we are contributing to America?s
> dangerous fuel addiction.  In every region of
> Canada, from off-shore oil drilling along the coast
> of BC, to Alberta?s oil sands, and the Mackenzie Gas
> Project, oil drilling has devastating impacts for
> our local communities and the environment.  Why are
> we destroying our backyard to keep the US hooked on
> oil?
> Why Ford?
> According to the EPA, Ford has boasted the worst
> fuel economy of the major automakers for five years
> running. For example, Ford?s Expedition SUV produces
> 7281 kg of greenhouse gas emissions annually! Ford
> is driving North America?s oil addiction and this
> addiction is endangering our climate, our health,
> our economy, and global stability.  
> What are we asking for?
> In a nutshell, we are asking Ford Motor Company to
> clean up its act, reduce greenhouse gas emissions
> and stop selling gas guzzling SUVs. The technology
> exists to move the entire car industry towards more
> innovative and fuel efficient vehicles, but the will
> is lacking.  Ford has lobbied against American
> federal and state programs to increase fuel economy
> and is currently involved in a lawsuit against
> California?s clean air legislation.  In Canada, Ford
> along with the other major automakers has refused to
> increase fuel economy by 25% in order to meet
> Canada?s Kyoto targets.  At the same time, Ford is
> aggressively marketing itself as an environmental
> leader in the auto industry.  We are demanding that
> Ford live up to this image and increase its fuel
> efficiency to 50 mpg or 4.7 litres/100 km by 2010
> and ultimately eliminate tailpipe emissions by 2020.
> (Fact! According to the Sierra Club, the average
> Canadian car burns around 8.6 litres of gas to go a
> distance of 100km. SUVs are even worse! They burn an
> average of 11.4 litres/100km).  
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