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Subject: Leigh Honeywell for Innis Rep on SAC

Hi everyone in ENSU;

My name is Leigh Honeywell, and as you may have guessed, I'm running 
against Sam for the SAC elections.  As he mentioned, I have a few 
promises in my platform, a few of which are particularly relevant to 
ENSU.  Specifically:

- I want to ensure that all of the off-campus residences are equipped 
with proper recycling and composting facilities, unlike the Primrose 
this year

- I want to work with SAC and groups like ENSU and OPIRG to get a 
bicycle repair co-operative started on campus.  For what I mean by 
this, check out www.flora.org/recycles .

Most importantly, though, I also believe strongly in communicating with 
my constituency - I took this as a given and decided to focus on more 
specific issues than my opponent.  I want to improve the channels of 
communication, too, specifically with respect to the off-campus 
residences and to commuter students.  How many off-campus people at 
Innis heard about Frost Week?  Me neither - and that's what I want to 
change, by working with the ICSS to keep people informed.

Thanks for your time, and hopefully I can count on your support.  
Voting is NOW on ROSI: www.rosi.utoronto.ca

Leigh Honeywell

PS.  please check out the website of the slate I'm running with, at 

416 977 8000 room 1501

First Year Physics and Equity Studies
at the University of Toronto
"Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very 
important that you do it."

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