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Here's a list of upcoming forums at the St. Lawrence Centre including one
tomorrow night about Kyoto.  Your help in getting the word out by forwarding
this notice to friends and colleagues is critical and appreciated.  Thanks.

Clearing the Air
Kyoto's Here - Now What?
Wednesday March 5, 7:30-9:30 pm
St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts
27 Front Street East * 2 blks east of Union Station
Admission is free * capacity 500, first come first seated

Kyoto's here and the time has come for us to curb our polluting ways. During
the Kyoto debate we were told that everyone would have to make sacrifices in
order to achieve a more breathable world. What will citizens be asked to do,
and how will business and government measures filter down to the individual?
Governments and corporations are moving forward to put the spirit of the
accord into action. This can be an exciting time for Canada. There is
renewed talk of investment in renewable energy, energy efficiency,
sustainable transportation and smart growth. Who is on the leading edge of
Kyoto implementation and who is lagging behind?

Speakers to include:
Elizabeth May: Executive Director, Sierra Club of Canada
Nicola Ross: Caledon Countryside Alliance
Martin Whitiker: Principal of Inovest Group, an environmental finance
reporting firm.

Moderator: Charles-Antoine Rouyer : Urban Ecology Journalist

Co-sponsor: EnerACT, <http://www.eneract.org/> Coalition for a Green
Economy, AutoShare <http://www.autoshare.com/>


Conflicting Waterfront Visions
Airport or Parkland?
Wednesday March 26, 7:30-9:30 pm

27 Front Street East, 2 blocks east of Union Station
St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts, Toronto
Admission is free

A decision is looming on the future of the Toronto Island Airport that will
change the face of the waterfront.

The federal Toronto Port Authority is promoting an airport expansion,
including building a vehicle bridge across the sailing channel, adding
78-passenger planes and increasing passenger traffic by more than 1000%.
Supporters of expansion say the plan will reverse the airport's financial
losses, add to the economic vitality of the downtown core, create jobs and
provide a needed service to travellers.

The movement to close the airport, led by Community AIR, says pollution from
an expanded airport will gut the city's new "clean, green" waterfront
revitalization plan. They argue the best way to serve Toronto's health and
economic vitality is to replace the airport with natural and recreational
attractions, including parks, beaches, wetlands, arts and market activity
for GTA residents and tourists.

What happens next comes down to Transport Minister David Collenette and the
Federal Liberals. Should they approve the airport expansion or should they
close it and explore other options for this prime waterfront site? What role
will this issue play in the city elections to be held in November?

Bill Freeman: author, historian and member of Community AIR (Airport Impact
Shelley Petrie: Executive Director, Toronto Environmental Alliance.
Lisa Raitt: CEO and Harbour Master, Toronto Port Authority.
Invited: David Collenette: federal Minister of Transportation and Minister
responsible for the GTA. Others to be confirmed

Programmed by: The St. Lawrence Centre Forum  <http://forum.stlc.com>and
Community AIR  <http://www.communityair.org>(Airport Impact Review).
Endorsed by:  Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Association (BQNA), Corktown
Residents & Business Association, Gooderham & Worts Neighbourhood
Harbourfront Community AssociationNiagara Neighbourhood Association
Ontario Sailing Association, Parkdale Residents Association, Roncesvalles
MacDonnell Residents Association, St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association

What Happens When Corporations Own Life?

Thursday May 15, 7:30-9:30 pm
St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts
27 Front Street East
Admission is free

Josanthony Joseph: Indian theologian and director of "The Human Factor",
former Executive Secretary of the Asia Partnership for Human Development and
author of FOOD published by TROCAIRE/CAFOD.
Programmed by the St. Lawrence Centre Forum and Development and Peace


Edifice Complex: the Good the Bad and the Ugly and Why We Should Care About
Architecture in Toronto

Wednesday May 21, 7:30-9:30 pm
27 Front Street East * 2 blks east of Union Station
Admission is free * capacity 500, first come first seated

Panelists to include:
Christopher Hume: Columnist with The Toronto Star
Daniel Libeskind: Architect chosen for the World Trade Center redevelopment
and the addition to the Royal Ontario Museum.

Moderator: Ben Chin, CBC TV

Co-sponsored by
Doors Open Toronto <http://www.doorsopen.org/>, a program of Toronto Culture

Save Our Cities
Thursday May 22, 9:30 am
St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts
27 Front Street East * 2 blks east of Union Station
Admission is free * capacity 500, first come first seated

with Elyse Allan: President and CEO, Board of Trade
John Sewell: former Mayor, City of Toronto.
Moderator: Thomas Walkom: Columnist, Toronto Star

Co-sponsored by:
the Alliance of Seniors to Protect Canada's Social Programs

Other upcoming forums:

Secondary Student Forum
Ontario Election Primer

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St. Lawrence Centre Forum
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