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FYI: Volunteer Opportunity

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>Subject: Guelph orgainc conference volunteer opportunity
>Hello My name is Kerry Brookes and I am the volunteer co-ordinator for the
22nd Annual Guelph Organic Conference. This conference takes place in
Guelph, Ontario at the University of Guelph campus from Friday, 24 January
to Sunday, 26 January, 2003
>I am in need of volunteers on all three days ( you can commit to 1 day, 2
days or 3 days).
>On Friday, volunteers are needed from 7:30 am to 8:00 pm.
>On Saturday, volunteers are required from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm.
>On Sunday, volunteers are required from 8:00 am to about 7:00 pm
>Tasks involve about 3 hours of your time for each day that you volunteer.
>$5.00 is given for lunch for each day that you volunteer.
>For each day that you volunteer, you receive free admission to the
conference workshops and seminars.
>Tasks include
>1. helping the trade show participants set up and tear down
>2. being present at workshops to give any assistance to the speakers
(introducing speaker, handing out copies of speaker's info; handing out and
collecting evaluations; making sure that audience asks questions into
microphone; assisting speaker in any way); ensure that only paying guests
are allowed into workshop room
>3. staffing registration desk both for pre-registered guests and those who
still need to register and pay
>4. greeters to direct guests and inform them of washrooms, coat check, etc.
>5. public forum personnel to hand out and collect audience questions
>6. organic buffet volunteers to take tickets from guests
>7. gofers and floaters to assist me in whatever I need doing
>8. someone to moderate the organic video room on Sunday from approx. 12:30
pm -3 pm.
>9. any other miscellaneous jobs that arise between now and the conference.
>If you are interested, I need:
>1. your full name, address, phone and email
>2. if you have interested friends, their full name, address, phone and
>3. any physical limitations that you have so that I can assign tasks to fit
your needs
>4. any knowledge or expertise ie audiovisual equipment experience
>Because of the scope of this event, I cannot be responsible for your
transportation. If you are in Guelph, be aware of the bus schedules,
especially on Sunday. If you need to carpool, it would be better to
volunteer with a friend so that you can share transportation.
>If you would like to check out the website of the conference, you can
access it at www.guelphorganicconf.org.
>I can try to schedule you so that you are able to attend the workshops that
you are interested in.
>Looking forward to hearing from you. Please email any questions if you need
answers or clarifications.
>Kerry Brookes
>Volunteer Co-ordinator
>22nd Annual Guelph Organic Agriculture Conference
>201 Dumbarton Ave
>Hamilton ON
>L8K 5C2
>PH: 905-544-3587
>FAX: 905-544-0546

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