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The Office of Student Affairs in partnership with the the Status of Women
Office and The Faculty of Law Diversity Committee presents a Colloquium on
the Experience of Various Communities with the ADR Legislation in Ontario.

Keeping the Faith:
Alternative Dispute Resolution in
Ontario's Faith Committees

Given the multicultural and pluralistic nature of Canadian society today, it
should come as no surprise that various communities have been seeking legal
alternatives that are more closely aligned with the perspectives that they
seek to preserve and propagate. One area in which such alternatives have
been particularly sought after has been the area of family law, where the
adjudicative system¹s focus on one party¹s gain at the cost of the other
party is seen as inadequate. In contrast, alternative dispute resolution
offers the promise of creative solutions that incorporate the disputants¹
cultural or faith-based approaches to the issues. As of late, there has
been considerable interest in this area with the bid to allow for
Shariah-based alternative dispute resolution in Ontario. What the popular
debate often ignores is the extent to which ADR has been successful in
various faith communities already, particularly within the Jewish and
Ismaili communities. We are interested in exploring the experience of
various communities in this regard, and furthermore, to articulate what the
future may hold for our legal system. An important part of the discussion
will centre around the impact that such community-based practices have
specifically had upon women.


Annie Bunting, Professor, Law and Society Program, York University

Judith Holzmann, Practicing Lawyer with extensive experience with Ismaili,
Muslim and Jewish family cases.

Faisal Kutty, Practicing Lawyer and an advocate for Shariah-based
alternative dispute resolution in Ontario.

Sheilagh O'Connell, Director, Toronto Central Legal Aid Ontario Family Law

John T. Syrtash, Legal counsel to B¹nai Brith, and an advisor to the
Government of Ontario on the Arbitration Act Review.

THURSDAY, November 18th, 4-6 PM, Reception to Follow

William Doo Auditorium, 45 Wilcocks Street
New College, University of Toronto

For more information or to RSVP, please e-mail 
or call 416.978.5536.



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Please Note: All updates to information about campus organizations should be 
sent to .

Jim Delaney - Assistant Director, Student Affairs
Office of the Vice-President & Provost, University of Toronto
214 College Street, Room 307, Toronto, ON M5T 2Z9
Phone 416-978-4027 / Fax 416-971-2037 / Cell 416-561-3774
Email jim.delaney@xxxxxxxxxxx / Web http://www.sa.utoronto.ca

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