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Note: what they ask me to include in a show proposal - objective of the program 
+ audience served, description of themes and topics to be discussed, sample of 
potential guests, resources and contributors, including organizational 
affiliations, style of music to be played, host + producers bio and contact 

Show proposal:
Innis College Radio: Spoken Word
Innis college has created its curriculum to be multi-disciplinary. Classes and 
professors come as issues from many angles, taking a non-traditional approach 
to solving problems.
The subjects taught at Innis College are: Urban Studies, Environmental Studies, 
Cinema Studies, and ?Writing, Critical Analysis, and Rhetoric?. 
The idea of this program would be to bring people together from a variety of 
fields to discuss solutions to problems that we face in Toronto. The focus 
would be on thought-provocative consensus rather than aimless debate.

A potential topic is the development on the Oak Ridges Moraine. This is the 
watering shed for many of Toronto?s rivers and it affects everyone within range 
of CIUT. We would invite David Lewis Stein, a professor at Innis, but also a 
former columnist for the Toronto Star, along with David Powell, a former 
environmental consultant for industry in Canada, and perhaps a commuter student 
who lives adjacent to the Moraine.

Another potential issue could be Shariah law in Canada. We?d read a defense of 
the idea of introducing Shariah Law in Canada and would draw upon faculty at 
the college: Kay Armatage is a women?s studies professor in Cinema at Innis 
would look at Shariah from a feminist perspective, Roger Riendeau is a 
professor of rhetoric at Innis, would be looking at the rhetoric in the claims 
that religious groups make about Shariah, and likely the Muslim Students 
Association could provide a person with an opinion in support of Shariah law.

Finally as a fun ending to each show, I?d like to end with a bit that 
deconstructs some rhetoric found in the Toronto media during the previous week. 
I?d draw upon rhetoric students and teachers to absolutely rip their argument 
apart and to show what truth there is in what they are saying.

The main idea for why the show could work is Innis College has a lot of 
expertise in complementary fields that are completely untapped. Moreover, 
everyone of the members of the diverse staff of Innis, has a huge number of 
contacts in their respective fields. The College is interested in being 
recognized more within the community, at the same time CIUT could use the 
diverse voices present at Innis which is so close by (literally three buildings 
north of the Radio station).

Music: Cannot be limited to any genre. The music is an opportunity to focus on 
lyrical connection to the topics being discussed. For the above ideas: for the 
Oak Ridges Moraine, I?d build on the river idea with either ?Many rivers to 
cross? by Jimmy Cliff or ?Down in the River to Pray? by Alisson Kraus. One of 
these is reggae the other is southern bluegrass. Both are sort of spiritual to 
give more seriousness and weight to a subject that is fundamentally about 
water, which is the most critical of natural resources.

For the second piece I?d play a recording of a section Islamic chanting that 
talks about the woman?s role in society and religion. I think this could work 
well as an audio section that is very much on topic with what is being 

*Final note: This is just a proposal, very little commitment at this point 
insofar as no show actually exists.* 

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