[ensu] ENVIROFLASH: Environmental Roundtable November 15th

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Hey all,

SAC?s Ministry of Environment and the University of Toronto Environmental 
Resource Network (UTERN) are holding another Environmental Roundtable next 
Monday and we want your group to send a representative. Last month's 
roundtable was very productive and we hope this one will be even more so. 

There are over twenty clubs, student unions, and groups involved in 
environmental activism or advocacy at U of T; the point of the Roundtable is 
to get a representative of each group together in the same room for a 
discussion, and see if we can find ways to work together. 

One of the main items for discussion will be Environment Week. At the last 
roundtable, we set a tentative date of March 7th to 11th, and discussed a 
potential theme of "Environment and Social Justice". If this year's 
Environment Week is to be the best one yet, we will need to continue getting 
organized and developing key speakers/events sooner rather than later. The 
rest of the meeting agenda will be up to y?all. The key is to get us all 
together and communicating. 

We will be holding one of these Environmental Roundtables every month. The 
next roundtable is scheduled for MONDAY, NOVEMBER 15th, at 6:30 pm at the SAC 
office, 12 hart house circle. Refreshments will be served. Please confirm that 
your organization will be sending a representative. 

Thanks for your time, and hopefully your involvement. 

Bryan Purcell
UTERN President

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