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  • Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 22:10:37 -0400

The Environmental Students' Union has spent the summer and the beginning of 
this year to bring you a better and more dynamic organization. There's a 
completely new executive with a totally new mandate.
This newsletter will cover the following:
1) The new ENSU executive (names, e-mails, office hours, and open positions)
2) The new mandate (awareness and advocacy)
3) Projects for this year
1) New Executive Council
Last springs elections has brought together a great group of peoples with 
various interests. This year's executives are:
Juan Davila 
(R 11:30am - 1:30pm)
Public Relations Officer
Francesca Daniels
(T 11am, R 11am - 1pm)
Volunteer Coordinator 
Matthew Niedzielski 
(F 12 - 2pm)
Academic/Administrative Liaison
Caroline Brooks 
(W 3pm)
Edward Silhol
(M 12pm)
Anna Gunz
(T 12pm)
2nd Year Representative
Gill Cerbu 
3rd Year Representative
Jacqueline Canton
(M 11am, W 10am - 12pm)
4th Year Representative
Colin Love
IMPORTANT: We are still looking for a webmaster to maintain the ENSU website 
(http://www.utoronto.ca/envstudy/ensu/). If you are interested please visit the 
ENSU office located in Innis College behind the student cafe at any of the 
office hours mentioned above, or e-mail ENSU at utorensu@xxxxxxxxx
2) The new mandate: Awareness and Advocacy.
Unlike the previous years when ENSU represented the three departments of 
environment students (Environmental Studies, Division of the Environment, and 
Geography), this year we are opening our membership to the entire university 
But not to worry, ENSU will still act as an organization through which students 
can communicate their inquiries and recommendations about environmental 
programs and courses between the student body and the faculty.
We have opened up the membership to all students who want to see changes done 
to the campus and the the academic bureaucracy. If you want to voice your 
opinion on something of interest, contact us and we'll see what we can do.
Beyond opening up our membership, ENSU has determined path. Instead of merely 
existing in hopes that students one day will find a use for the Union, the ENSU 
executive has laid out a two paths to actively follow:
This part of the new mandate was created to make the school community more 
aware of environmental issues. Through various projects ENSU hopes to enrich 
the lives of U of T students by providing them with information they would 
otherwise not have a chance to learn. The University of Toronto has vast 
resources and we hope to at least provide a brief glimpse to what's happening 
in the world around us.
The new executive has highlighted a few issues of concern relating to the 
functioning of the university and the status of the student society. Some 
programs were developed to tackle these issues (see Project below) and to 
confront the university so as to make the University of Toronto an even better 
3) Projects
Over the summer the Ensu executive has come together and listed a number of 
projects they wished to accomplish. There were many propositions, all of which 
were in hopes of creating a better awareness of environmental issues among the 
student community. However due to time and funding restrictions, not all were 
able to make the final cut.
These are the projects that ENSU will pursue this year and who is responsible 
for them:
1. ENSU magazine: Green Perspective
We are hoping to make this the premier student run environmental magazine on 
campus. It will act as a tool for awareness, advocacy, and student 
communication. If you want to contribute as a writer, reporter, researcher, 
layout designer, assistant editor, or in anything else, please contact us.
2. Environmental Coalition 
ENSU wishes to strenghten the environmental community by joining up with other 
environmental groups on campus. With a broader operational base we will be able 
to bring a stronger voice to issues of interest. All are welcome, after all, 
the more voices we have the stronger our causes become.
3. Environmental Breadth Requirement 
Perhaps our most ambitious project. We all know that knowledge is power. Coming 
out of university we're supposed to know what's going on. Unfortunately, 
surprisingly few people know much detail about what is actually happening in 
the environment. This is something that we want to change. It may take some 
time but we believe that providing an option where students can take an 
environmental course as a breadth requirement will make for a much more 
informed graduating class. Aspiring lawyers are needed, so are the rest of you.

4. Rooftop Garden 
To bring the student community together ENSU proposes the creation of a rooftop 
garden. This will take some advocative action, but it will bring people of 
similar interest together and teach them how little things like this help the 
environment. All are welcome to help out.

5. Benefit Concert 
Early next year we are planning on organizing a benefit concert. We already 
have a few bands lined up to give a voice to various causes. We need 
organizers, and lots of them.

6. Hikes
Several hikes through Toronto's great parks and ravines. Come out to enjoy 
nature, socialize, and learn about the wilderness that is around us. If you 
like to meet new people and be outdoors, this may be a great opportunity for 
you to practice your leadership and organizational skills.

7. Treeplanting
Help give something back to the environment. Organized through an outside ENGO, 
all you have to do is bring yourself and a hat.

8. Letter writing campaigns
Practice your democratic right. We select a variety of issues and make sure 
that the government knows about them. 

9. Lecture Series
We're bringing together a host of well known speakers to share with us their 
views of life, the environmental, and community.

10. Community Gatherings
A few times throughout the year ENSU will host small get-togethers open to all. 
Come in and ask our executive about their experiences in the different 
environmental programs. Many of us are 4th year students and have been through 
it all. Trust us, you'll appreciate our advice.

11. Fashion
We're tired of those boring t-shirts with simple logos that nobody pays 
attention to. We plan on making fashion with a message. If you have a talent 
for design, or political wit, or just feel like saying "Screw You" to the 
government in an artistic way, please feel free to contact us.

12. Organic Bake Sale
Food made the way it's supposed to be. Help support some really healthy foods 
and see what's possible outside of mass production

These are the major projects that we hope to execute this year. Anyone who is 
interested in helping us out is welcome to join.
If none of the above suit your interests but you still want to get involved 
please contact Matt, our Volunteer Coordinator at matt.niedzielski@xxxxxxxxxxx 
and he'll tell you of other ways that you can help out.
Hope to see you and enjoy this new academic year.

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