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Hey all,

Matt here. Last year I was the volunteer coordinator for ENSU, now I'm the 
coordinator/president. I'll still be keeping you updated via e-mail until 
someone takes over the necessary position.

ENSU is still functioning over the summer period, although to a lesser degree 
as we plan our strategy for the next academic year. For those interested in 
helping out, stay tuned for future updates. For those interested in getting 
involved a little deeper, there are still a few executive positions open. We'll 
post titles and descriptions later on.

In this e-mail:

1) Natural City Symposium June 23-25

2) Hydrogen & Fuel Cells 2004 Conference and Trade Show September 25-28

3) Red Hill Valley Tree-Sitters Support Rally 
       Saturday June 12, 3 P.M.

4) A Planet Friendly Summer

5) Talk Energy Online



A REMINDER that THE NATURAL CITY SYMPOSIUM is taking place from June 
23-25, 2004, at the University of Toronto. Over 90 speakers from around the 
world will discuss how urban and natural environments must be integrated in 
order to promote sustainability.  The conference aims to foster a dialogue 
between a variety of disciplines, including philosophy, political science, the 
arts, environmental science, architecture, engineering and many more.    

The conference will feature keynote speaker, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, who will 
present a talk entitled "A Contract with Our Future", Wednesday, June 23rd, 
2004 from 7:30-9pm at Convocation Hall with opening remarks by Mayor David 
Miller, City of Toronto.  Tickets for this event may be purchased separately 
for $35, $10 for students with valid ID (students may purchase up to 2 tickets) 
by calling 416-978-3475.

Updated agenda and registration information for the conference are available 
at: http://www.utoronto.ca/divenv/NaturalCity or call (416) 
978-3475 or (416) 978-7077; or email natural.city@xxxxxxxxxxxx 
This conference is being convened by the Division of the Environment, 
Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Toronto, and 
the World Society for Ekistics


Hydrogen & Fuel Cells 2004 Conference and Trade Show 
Toronto, Canada, September 25-28, 2004


The buzz is growing for Canada's premier hydrogen and fuel cells event, the 
Hydrogen & Fuel Cells 2004 Conference and Trade Show. We would like to extend 
an invitation for you to attend this world-class event, organized by the 
conference partners: Canadian Hydrogen Association, Fuel Cells Canada, 
Government of Canada, and Government of Ontario.

For four days in September, the world's leading hydrogen and fuel cell 
companies/organizations, along with government officials and key industry 
stakeholders will come together in Toronto, Canada to exchange ideas at this 
exciting time for the hydrogen and fuel cell industry.

In addition to the conference, there will be an extensive trade show and public 
exhibition where hydrogen and fuel cell companies will have an opportunity to 
demonstrate their efforts 'towards a greener world'.

Don't miss your chance to be a part of this exceptional event! Register for the 
conference and hotel by the Early Bird registration deadline of June 30, 2004, 
and you will have a chance to win a complimentary night at the Sheraton Centre 
Toronto and dinner for two at the "Bistro on Two".

For more information on 1) Sponsorship Options 2) Indoor and Outdoor Exhibiting 
Opportunities 3) Conference Program Details please visit the conference 
website: www.hydrogenfuelcells2004.com <http://www.hydrogenfuelcells2004.com>
Any Questions?
Contact the Conference Secretariat at hfc2004@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

Red Hill Valley Tree-Sitters Support Rally 
Saturday June 12, 3 P.M.
    For a little over a week, three members of Friends of the Red Hill Valley 
have been sitting in trees to protest/halt the destruction of the Red Hill 
Valley in Hamilton. The area is being threatened by a proposed expressway 
through one of the last remaining green spaces in Hamilton. Work has already 
begun on the expressway and a significant portion of the forest has already 
been lost. If completed, the Red Hill Valley Expressway would result in the 
largest destruction that the "protected" Niagara Escarpment has ever seen. 
Earthroots is organizing a group from Toronto to attend a rally being held at 
the Red Hill Valley site on Saturday June 12th at 3 P.M. Please contact me by 
phone (416-599-0152 x.20) if you are interested in coming. We are especially in 
need of drivers, so let me know if you have a vehicle. 
Andrew Athanasiu 
Earthroots Outreach 
401 Richmond St. West 
Suite 410 
Toronto, Ontario 
M5V 3A8 

phone: 416-599-0152 X 20 
fax: 416-340-2429 


peace | enviro | organics | health & nature | community

Ah, summer! For some, a time to hop into the car and zoom 
around in motorboats -- for others, a time to experience the 
outdoors, the planet and its people ...a little more closely. 
Are you lured by the hype and expense of mainstream 
recreation? Or would you prefer more fun, less expense 
...and to tread a bit more lightly on the planet?

(A) People- & Planet-Friendly Summer Calendar 
(B) Eco-Experience Places across North America 
(C) WWOOF -- More than Meets the Eye
(D) Green Travel, Recreation & Transportation
(E) GoodWork! Employment, Internships & Volunteering

Green and Healthy Festivals, Retreats & Grassroots Gatherings

This summer, why not get away, see things from a different 
angle, maybe connect with others who share your interests? 

Planet-Friendly Summerfest is a free, non-commercial 
calendar of activities, events, retreats and gatherings across 
Ontario, Canada and beyond. Everything from canoe tours 
in Toronto... to the annual "Social Justice Retreat" in 
Algonquin Park... to grassroots music festivals. 

It's all at: http://planetfriendly.net/summerfest
Got an event? Post it here: http://planetfriendly.net/submit


Many more events year-round can be found in the full 
Planet-Friendly Calendar http://planetfriendly.net/calendar/ 
plus other green and progressive calendars across North 
America ( http://planetfriendly.net/directory.html#events ).
Got an event? Post it here! http://planetfriendly.net/submit
(Ontario events, plus major events of interest to Canadians.)
There are new listings daily.

Can't afford an event? Ask the organizers about work-exchange, 
volunteer or sliding-scale options. 

Summerfest Calendar: http://planetfriendly.net/summerfest
Year-round Calendar: http://planetfriendly.net/calendar

(B) ECO-EXPERIENCE PLACES across North America

Looking for more than a weekend away? This unique 
directory offers an incredible variety of fun, experience, 
community and involvement. From organic havens to 
nature retreats... from wilderness trips to ecovillages and 
more. Participate in tours, workshops, outdoor activities, 
volunteer opportunities, internships and special events. 

Some of these places offer "work-exchange" opportunities 
-- you offer your help in return for food, accommodation, 
instruction and/or mentorship. If you're keen, you can find 
great ways to spend the entire season (and spend less 
money than many spend in a week).  

Eco-Experience Places across North America

See also The Community Page, including its portal to 
Ecovillages and Intentional Communities around the 
world. Many offer great visitor programs, volunteer
and work-exchange opps., internships and more. 

Ecovillages, Communities, Cooperatives...

(C) WWOOF!  -- around the world or in your own backyard

Wwoofing is the hardest thing to explain to someone who 
hasn't experienced it (and even some who have!). That's 
probably because it's so diverse -- it is really what 
*you* make it.

For some people, Wwoofing is a way to learn about organic 
gardening, perhaps to start a garden or farm of their own. 
For others, it's a way to live healthily for a few days, weeks 
or a season -- eating well, breathing fresh air, and enjoying 
good company. For yet others, it's an experiment with 
non-urban living, a foray into a new lifestyle. And, for 
those bitten by the travel bug, it's a way to travel the 
world and experience other cultures. 

WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic 
Farms (and gardens). There are over 400 hosts across 
Canada and many more worldwide. The basic idea is that 
you offer your skilled or unskilled assistance in return for 
food, housing, instruction if desired, and good company. 

To participate, you pay a small fee and get a booklet 
describing hundreds of opportunities available. Then it's 
up to you to contact those that interest you. Each situation 
is different. It's up to you and the prospective host to 
communicate your respective needs, wants and expectations 
-- and see if there's a good match. What you want to do; 
what degree of instruction (if any); how long you want 
to stay; what are your preferences, hopes and goals? 

Note: Wwoofing is *not* only for gardeners, want-to-be
gardeners, and garden helpers. There are also opportunities 
for handy-persons, cooks, renewable energy folks, 
business people, computer nerds, general or household
help -- and just about everyone else. It's just a matter 
of looking, asking, and offering your help. 

Introduction to Wwoofing 

WWOOF Links & Organizations

Wwoofing Stories & Articles 

International WWOOF Association


This section of our "Sustainable Living Links" directory 
is focused on healthy, sustainable, affordable travel and 

Check it out for everything from self-propelled activities 
such as walking, hiking and cycling ...to ecotourism, 
educational travel, and working your way around the world. 

Green Recreation

Green Travel & Eco-Travel

Don't miss the corresponding Green Transportation section 
to learn about a wide variety of ways to get around -- healthy 
and affordable alternatives to owning and driving a car. 

Green Transportation

(E) GOODWORK - Employment, Internships & Volunteering

GoodWork is a year-round service. This time of year there 
are lots of great summer jobs, internships, volunteer 
opportunities and activities. To receive the listings as soon
as they are posted, subscribe to the GoodWork e-mail list. 
And don't miss the great resources and opportunities linked 
from the GoodWork website. 

Employment, Internships & Volunteering
Peace | Enviro | Sust. Living | Food & Gardening | Activism

(F) New & Related at Planet-Friendly and GoodWork

A Planet-Friendly Summer - http://planetfriendly.net/summer
Wwoof, Wwoofing, Wwoofer! - http://planetfriendly.net/wwoof

Everything Organic - http://planetfriendly.net/organic
Sustainable Living Links - http://planetfriendly.net/living
Don't Pave It - http://planetfriendly.net/dontpave
Ecoportal Canada - http://planetfriendly.net/ecoportal

Art & Music for Social Change - http://planetfriendly.net/art
GoodWork Quotations http://planetfriendly.net/goodworkquotes.html
How to be an Activist - http://planetfriendly.net/active

More www.planetfriendly.net http://planetfriendly.net/directory


Planet-Friendly provides this newsletter and website 
without charge even though they cost lots of time and 
money to produce. If you can help by making a donation, 
whether $5 or $100, it would be helpful and appreciated!
Please send to: People- & Planet-Friendly, Box 26011, 
466 Gardiners Rd., Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7M 4Y0.
(Not tax-deductible; if you want a receipt, please send 
a stamped addressed envelope). Thanks!

Please post and distribute freely. You are also welcome 
to quote or excerpt, as long as you indicate the source: 

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A PLANET-FRIENDLY SUMMER will also be posted 
on the web. Any corrections or additions will appear there.

Have a great, green, healthy summer!  - Peter Blanchard

PEOPLE- & PLANET-FRIENDLY http://www.planetfriendly.net/
GOODWORK http://www.planetfriendly.net/goodwork.html



Talk Energy is an online community for people interested in sustainable energy. 
People from across the globe can share research, build projects and communicate 
with others who have a passion for how we use energy. Last week we launched 
Talk Energy at the University of Prince Edward Island. I have included the 
press release for your review (below).If you or any of the faculty are 
interested in renewable energy or energy conservation, please contact me or you 
can find Talk Energy at www.talkenergy.com.

Thank you. 

Darrin Mitchell 


Talk Energy 

(902) 888-2030 

Talk Energy (www.talkenergy.com)- is a new online community that specializes in 
sustainable energy.Its unique online software allows people from around the 
globe to participate in conversations regarding sustainable energy.
Last week Talk Energy launched its ?Million Person Campaign? with a goal of 
having one million people talking about energy.When Talk Energy achieves its 
goal, one member will win a $50,000 home energy renovation (anywhere in the 

Press Release For Immediate Distribution May 25, 2004 

Talk Energy- an online community for people interested in sustainable energy- 
is now live!www.talkenergy.com 

"Nowadays, everyone is talking about energy ? how to save it, how to produce it 
more cleanly and how to manage it. People are looking for a place to connect 
and that?s where Talk Energy comes in. We?ve created a community that bridges 
the gap between those who desire a sustainable future and those with ideas of 
how to achieve it. It?s a place where people can learn, teach, build real 
relationships, create solutions and share a passion for how we use energy," 
explains Mitchell, Talk Energy?s President. 

Talk Energy announced that it will be giving away a $50,000usd Home Energy 
Renovation to one of its members (anywhere in the world) as part of 
its "Million Person Campaign". "We?re excited about sustainable energy and want 
999,999 others to be just as excited," says Mitchell. 

Officially launched on May 25th, the site is already attracting attention from 
a wide range of people from across the globe. Home owners, engineers, 
inventors, business owners and individuals interested in energy have been 
logging on to read, ask and participate. 

WadeMacLauchlan, President of the University of Prince Edward Island and well 
known adopter of new ideas, says "Talk Energy is a fantastic tool for 
exchanging ideas. UPEI's faculty and students have access to dialogue with 
other universities all over the world. The concept is very innovative; the team 
is smart and entrepreneurial; and, the issues are critically important." 

It?s a community where we can ask questions and find answers. Everyone wants to 
make a difference in the world but it?s sometimes difficult with a busy 
lifestyle and finding people in your immediate area with similar interests. 
Talk Energy allows individuals to participate in discussions, build projects 
and share knowledge at any time of day from their own homes. 

Talk Energy provides discussion boards and hosting free of charge for non-
profits, universities and research and development facilities that specialize 
in sustainable energy. 

Organizations are given their own discussion tools, polls and calendars to post 
events. In turn, the organization can use their section to interact with their 
members and promote their activities. All free of charge, as an appreciation 
for the many volunteers who are making a difference. 

"It is the goal of Talk Energy to provide the community that will forward the 
knowledge and efforts of all of those making a difference in how we use 

For more information, please contact Darrin Mitchell, President, Talk Energy 
(902) 888-2030 or darrin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, www.talkenergy.com


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