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Greetings from Detour's UrbanSource  - Your Not-For-Profit Bookstore!

In this issue:
1) UrbanSource Resource Update -- Now Over 250 Titles To Choose From
2) Goods Movement Case Studies Requested
3) Tooker Gomberg (1954-2004)
4) Upcoming Events -- Toronto and Berlin
5) Quick Reminders -- Getting Involved
1) UrbanSource Resource Update (www.detourpublications.com)

Since 1995, Detour's UrbanSource (formerly Detour Publications) has been
working to promote cutting edge information related to sustainable
transportation and urban planning.  Through your on-going support of our
non-profit operation and some innovative partnering, we have added three new
catalogue categories -- "Other Urban Issues", Taking Action" and
"Specialties" -- resulting in over 250 titles for you to choose from.
Here's a list of our new website's catalogue sub-categories for easy

· Car Culture (41) - http://www.detourpublications.com/category.php?id=31
· Cycling (32) - http://www.detourpublications.com/category.php?id=2
· New Mobility (4) - http://www.detourpublications.com/category.php?id=7
· Policy (47) - http://www.detourpublications.com/category.php?id=9
· Rail/Goods Movement (18) -
· Telecommunications/ITS (3) -
· Transit (8) - http://www.detourpublications.com/category.php?id=3
· Walking (7) - http://www.detourpublications.com/category.php?id=32

Urban Planning:
· Landscape Design/Architecture (55) -
· Smart Growth/Land Use (96) -
· Theory (20) - http://www.detourpublications.com/category.php?id=33

Other Urban Issues:
· Air Pollution/Climate Change (13) -
· Energy (20) - http://www.detourpublications.com/category.php?id=34
· Green Business (15) - http://www.detourpublications.com/category.php?id=18
· Sustainable Development (38) -
· Equity/Ethics (26) - http://www.detourpublications.com/category.php?id=20

Taking Action:
· Education (11) - http://www.detourpublications.com/category.php?id=14
· Guides to Action (42) -
· Classics (10) - http://www.detourpublications.com/category.php?id=23
· Kids Corner (7) - http://www.detourpublications.com/category.php?id=24

We hope you'll enjoy browsing the entire UrbanSource catalogue as well as
the 200 links to related organizations and downloadable information.


As many of you know, Detour is a project of Moving The Economy (MTE).   MTE
is currently searching the world for innovative urban goods movement case
studies and best practices relating to:
- all modes (rail, marine, air, truck, train, bike, pedestrian),
- land use,
- local production and distribution,
- systems management (logistics, freight campuses, life cycle analysis,
demand management)
- fuel and vehicle efficiency,
- new services and enterprises,
- design,
- intelligent transportation systems (ITS),
- data collection.

Please let Marty know about cutting edge organizations in your neighbourhood
that are moving goods efficiently and reducing CO2 emissions at the same
time (mcollie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx).  Thanks!

3) TOOKER GOMBERG (1955-2004)

Everyone at Detour is extremely saddened about the death of Tooker Gomberg,
a good friend who supported us for many years and volunteered with us a
couple of years ago.  We will miss his environmental vision and energy but
know that his many contributions in Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax
will live on.  May he rest in peace.  For more information about Tooker,
please see http://www.greenspiration.org/bios.html.  To post your thoughts,
please visit http://www.planetfriendly.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=19


a) Detour and Moving The Economy (MTE) are supporting the second annual GTA
Transportation Summit taking place in Toronto on March 25-26, 2004.  With
government transportation funding committed via the "new deal for cities",
this conference will allow you to network with professionals in the field
and understand the key actions being taken.  Speakers include Harinder
Takkhar (Ontario Minister of Transportation), Ed Levy (BA Group), Linda
McMinimy (Virginia Transit Association), Richard Soberman (University of
Toronto) and many others.  For more information please call 416-944-8833 or
visit http://www.strategyinstitute.com/gta_transport_2004.html.  Please
DET-100 at time of registration and save 10% off the registration fee.

b) The World Carfree Network presents Towards Carfree Cities IV in Berlin,
Germany on July 19-24.  Speakers include innovators like Derek Turner,
responsible for implementing London's congestion charge. Please see the rest
of the conference program at www.worldcarfree.net/conference Early
registration discount expires March 19. The on-line registration form
contains a link for on-line credit card payment.

c) Detour and Moving The Economy work closely with the Canadian Urban
Institute (CUI) on transportation events and other projects.  We invite you
to check their website for many upcoming events at

For other events in Ontario, see


a) Have you written or read a good book or report that Detour does not have
in its catalogue? Let us know the name, author and publisher so we can add
it to our expanding list.
b) If you'd like to review a title, contact Marty at
c) Detour is always interested in creating connections with organizations
and individuals working on sustainability issues. We invite you to help us
spread the word by:
· becoming a cross-promotional partner through our Friends of Detour program
(see http://www.detourpublications.com/getInvolved/beAFriend.php)
· creating or helping to arrange reciprocal links
· (see http://www.detourpublications.com/linksLounge/linkSubmission.php)
· coordinating Detour attendance and display at Toronto-based events
· (see http://www.detourpublications.com/about/feedback.php)
· representing Detour as a sales agent
· (email mcollier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)


Please pass this e-newsletter along to your colleagues. If you received this
e-bulletin indirectly through a friend and would prefer to receive it
directly, please subscribe on our feedback page at

 We love feedback! Please email Marty Collier
(mcollier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) with any suggestions, ideas or comments.
To be removed from the Detour emailing list, please send email with the word
"REMOVE" in subject line.

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