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Charles Darwin Foundation
Santa Cruz - Galápagos

In 1971 the Charles Darwin Foundation began the National and International 
Volunteer Program. Its purpose is to collaborate with the training of 
university and undergraduate students, who focus their careers in biology and 
conservation science, and for those who want to improve their skills through 
field experience in the Galapagos Islands. 
The International Volunteer Program is designed for second year undergraduate 
and above, and post ? graduate students who are interested in participating in 
conservation and education projects within the Charles Darwin Research Station.

Volunteers work as assistants in several scientific, education, and 
communication projects for no less than six months. While volunteers at the 
Station participate in different projects they have the opportunity to 
supplement the knowledge and skills they learned in university. They can 
develop the capacity in doing fieldwork and to collaborate with conservation in 

The students have the opportunity to attend lectures given by important 
scientists visiting the Research Station each month, and they have the 
opportunity to give their own talks in which they can talk about their work as 

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