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With over 32 years of service to Canadians, Alternatives is the only Canadian 
environmental journal with the mandate to link the work of advocates, academics 
and professionals and to cover both ecological and social justice issues. 
Indeed, virtually all of the broadly environmental magazines in Canada 
(Sustainability Times, Probe Post, Encompass, etc.) have folded.

Alternatives is determined to thrive and grow in the face of similar 
challenges. We are reaching to the grassroots to build our subscriber base to a 
sustainable level, which means that we will be far less reliant on outside 
funding, and the environmental message will reach far more people than ever 
before. We want to keep providing Canadians with sound, reliable alternatives.

To that end we have launched Alternatives Journal's Drive to Sustainability 
initiative. Visit 
http://www.alternativesjournal.ca/keepalternatives/howcanihelp.html to find out 
how you can:

Subscribe:  If you are not already a subscriber, send in a subscription order, 
and give gift subscriptions for Christmas.

Donate: Alternatives is a registered charity. Nearly half of our operating 
budget has consistently come from government sources, foundations and private 
donations. While we are currently working on a business plan that will place 
less reliance on donations, donors will still play an important role during 
this transition year. We will be happy to send you a charitable tax receipt.

Provide Valuable Other Help
There are many other valuable things you can do to help Alternatives Journal -- 
details at http://www.alternativesjournal.ca/keepalternatives/howcanihelp.html:
1. Write a letter of support
2. Ask your library to subscribe to Alternatives (if they don't already)
3. Check to see if Alternatives is sold in your favourite book store, health 
store, "alternative" music store, or any place else you frequent that carries 
4. Spread the word about Alternatives
5. Send us your idea(s)


Alternatives Samples
Read Alternatives for the latest in environmental news, campaigns and research. 
Meet activists from across the country in our regular "Letter From" column. 
Find tips and analysis on funding in "Reality Cheque". Science, politics, Web 
sites, reviews ... Alternatives is for you.

Check out http://www.alternativesjournal.ca/resources/samples2.htm for some 
favourites from the last year.

SPEAKING OUT: Food First's co-director Anuradha Mittal challenges the hypocrisy 
of the biotech giants in her article "Pretending to Help the Poor." 
Alternatives 29:4 (2003), pp. 12-13

FEATURE ARTICLE: Don Gayton takes a tour through time to show how single-minded 
efforts to manage nature are confounded by the complexity of ecosystems in "A 
Cautionary Tale." Alternatives 29:3 (2003), pp. 34-37

FEATURE ARTICLE: CELA (Canadian Environmental Law Association) researcher 
Kathleen Cooper analyzes the results from the two inquiries after the 
Walkerton, Ontario and North Battleford, Saskatchewan tainted water tragedies 
in "Trusting the Tap." Alternatives 29:2 (2003), pp. 22-25

THEME SPECIAL: Sometimes a theme section demands special treatment, like in the 
Energy Issue where our editors came up with a 12-step plan to break Canada's 
energy addiction in "Bright Ideas." Alternatives 30:1 (2004), pp. 14-18

POLITICAL SICENCE: Stephen Bocking exposes an unprecedented pattern of 
distortion and manipulation that marks the Bush administration's approach to 
science in "Bush League Science." Alternatives 30:1 (2004), pp. 32-33

COMMENTARY: Wayne Roberts twists the current frame of reference to recognize 
that the right to food can usher in a new era of social and environmental gains 
in "Digest This." Alternatives 29:4 (2003), pp. 33-35

Thanks for helping to support environmental Alternatives throughout Canada!

Kind regards,
The Strategic Planning Committee
Alternatives Journal

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