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  • Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 20:28:31 -0500

ActiveYouth02/03 -- a celebration of youth activism at the University of
Toronto -- requires dedicated people. Numerous positions need to be filled
in order to make this dynamic event a success:
1A) SENIOR PROMOTIONS COORDINATOR: This Coordinator will be primarily responsible for developing and implementing an ActiveYouth advertising strategy. The Coordinator will be responsible for managing a small team whose task is to promote the event. Assistant coordinators will be
assigned as needed. Promotion of the event to students and the general
public is required. All types of print and other media avenues should be
considered in a broad communication strategy. The basic design for an
ActiveYouth webpage will be communicated to a webpage designer, but the
Coordinator will not necessarily be directly creating such pages.
1B) JUNIOR PROMOTIONS COORDINATOR: This Coordinator is responsible for
working with the Senior Promotions Coordinator and executing the
advertising strategy of the event. Duties will vary, but will certainly
include placing of advertising in appropriate media, and helping to design
and carry out the strategy. Assistant Coordinators will be assigned as
2A) MEDIA COORDINATOR: This Coordinator will be primarily responsible for
interaction with all media including print media and radio/television
media. A major objective of ActiveYouth is a strong media presence in
order to inform and engage the broader community. The Coordinator will be
primarily responsible for issuing selected press releases, as well as
maintaining follow-up contact with all reporters and other media members
in order to ensure a strong media presence. Duties will not include
general advertising/promotion, except as regards informing specific
members of the media. This Coordinator will also manage all special
seating needs and press badge identification during the ActiveYouth event,
as well as preparation and operation of a briefing room for interviews
during the final stages of the event. A Junior Media Coordinator may also
be assigned, depending upon need.
3A) PUBLIC INFORMATION COORDINATOR: This Coordinator is responsible or gathering all needed information from our speakers and members of our
Discussion Panel (academics and professionals). This Coordinator is also
required to manage and administer the public information email addresses
that ActiveYouth has, so that the public may ask questions and send
comments. In addition, this Coordinator will ensure all basic
biographical material on our speakers and panel members is available for
the public during the event, as well as referring specific queries to
their appropriate Coordinator(s). Duties will not include media relations
or advertising/promotions. Other duties may vary, and a Junior Public
Information Coordinator may also be assigned, depending upon need.
4A) AUDIOVISUAL COORDINATOR: This Coordinator is primarily responsible
for operation and organization of all audiovisual requirements for the
ActiveYouth event. This includes video slide presentations, lighting,
microphone requirements, media power supplies, and operation of the
audiovisual console at Convocation Hall. In addition, this Coordinator
may be required to coordinate the creation of a 2-minute introductory
video which will begin the ActiveYouth event. If any filming of the event
takes place, the Coordinator will not be required to direct such filming,
but may choose to coordinate their activities with the film staff to
ensure a harmonious outcome and mutual cooperation.
In addition, we may have several more positions to be filled in the near
future. These will be posted soon. In particular, we may require Junior
Coordinator positions for several of the positions listed above. At the
present time, the only Junior Coordinator that we are certain that we need
is that of Junior Promotions Coordinator. Other possible coordination
requirements are in the areas of a) finance/treasurer, b) staff to manage
the overall event setup at Convocation Hall, c) staff to manage our
discussion panel, and d) staff to manage our special guests.
Anyone interested in any of the above positions is encouraged to contact:
Kevin Schenk
Executive Coordinator
(416) 946-7427

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