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1) Wolf defenders support for Minister Ramsay March 29th

2) SYC success stories

3) EPAC open forum March 26th

4) tutor underprivileged students around Toronto

5) CBC radio show 'Sounds Like Canada' wants to interview YOU

6) Environment Canada's education program is being cancelled

7) Restarting Pickering unit #1 nuclear reactor

8) A call to env groups from UTERN

9) ENSU elections


Dear Wolf Defenders, 

Thank you for supporting Earthroots' Wolves Ontario! Project. Please 
join us to celebrate the government's recent announcement to permanently 
protect Algonquin Park wolves. We also hope you will join us on Monday 
March 29th, when we visit the Ministry of Natural Resources office at 
Queens Park to show our support for his decision. 

Show your support for Minister Ramsay's Decision! 

Monday March 29th 
Meet at 9:45 am, Queens Park 

As you know, we meant to deliver our "save the wolves" postcards before 
Minister of Natural Resources, David Ramsay made his announcement on 
March 3rd to permanently ban hunting and trapping wolves in the 
townships surrounding the park. However, the Minister was aware of our 
large support base and quite regularly reminded of this. 

We think it is still important to deliver the postcards during the 
public consultation process to show the Minister that his proposal has 
significant public support. We will also encourage the Minister to move 
quickly on implementing a provincial wolf protection plan. 

We will be delivering 3000 postcards to the Minister on Monday March 
29th at 10 am. If you would like to participate, we will be meeting at 
9:45 am in front of Queens Park but please phone the office at 
416-599-0152 to confirm your participation. We are looking for children 
who would like to participate by wearing colorful wolf masks so please 
spread the word! 

Thanks to all of you who have supported this campaign in one way or 
another. I look forward to working with you to ensure protection for 
thousands of other wolves that are still subject to an open season. 

For the wild, 

Visit: www.syc-cjs.org/info to submit a Sustainable Campuses Success Story!

SYC, ENJEU, and YEN have teamed-up to create a database for Sustainable 
Campuses Success Stories and Youth Environment Groups.  We're looking for youth-
led initiatives on campuses that reflect any of the 3 pillars of 
sustainability: economics, society, and ecology.  If you know of any group at 
UoT that is working on climate change initiatives, has planned Earth 
Week activities, developed a sustainability office, has projects related to 
campus sustainability. please have them visit www.syc-cjs.org/info. Success 
stories are empowering resources and offer inspiration for youth groups across 

Read the attachment to find out more.  If you submit a story/stories before 
March 31st, you'll be eligible for a chance to win FREE passes to the 6th 
Annual National Sustainable Campuses Conference.

We realize that this is a busy time of year for students.  However, most groups 
are presently working on their final reports to ensure continuity for next 
year.  How about including the databases in your final report?  Why not submit 
a success story now, while the successes of 2003-2004 are fresh in your mind?

Email info@xxxxxxxxxxx or call 613.241.1615 for more information.  Please pass 
this information on to other campus groups that may be interested in 
participating.  Thanks!


Julia Ostertag
Email: info@xxxxxxxxxxx

The Sierra Youth Coalition

Hurry Up Please, it's Time - ts eliot

Check out the NEW SYC look at www.syc-cjs.org
Check out the NEW Success Stories database at www.syc-cjs.org/info


The next EPAC Open Forum will be held on Friday March 26, 2004 from 1-3
pm in Simcoe Hall's Governing Council Chambers (room 214). Below, and
attached is the agenda. Please contact me for more specific directions.

Feel free to visit our websites for more information:

University of Toronto
Environmental Protection Advisory Committee


Friday March 26, 2004
1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Governing Council Chambers
Simcoe Hall, Room 214


1. Welcome and Introductions by the co-chairs (Phil Byer and Ingrid

2. Energy and GHG Reduction Plan (Energy Sub-Committee)

3. EPAC Awards for 2004: Jake Irwin, ENSU, and Enbridge Gas Commercial
Business Markets (Phil Byer)

4. Energy Fair, April 1

5. Environmental Forum, September 2004 (Ron Venter)

6. Innis College Renovation (Juan Davila)

7. Other business

8. Open discussion: time to discuss other issues of interest

Next Open Forum Meeting: September 2004 - see EPAC web site in September
for date 

EPAC wants you to get involved in developing the Academic Plan in your
division.  Over the next few months, each faculty and department will be
developing a plan for its academic programs, including teaching and
research.  The University has stated the importance of interdisciplinary
teaching and research related to the environment. Please get involved in
the academic planning process to help address this important area. 
Write to or speak with your faculty's dean or department's chair on your
views about environmental teaching and research, and ask how to get more


tutor underprivileged students around Toronto

Dear Hyla,

I'm writing on behalf of Frontier College - Students for Literacy, a
volunteer student group that recruits and trains U of T students to tutor
underprivileged students around Toronto.  We have several programs in which
we work with students of all ages.  This year, we are having a reading on
campus to raise awareness of literacy issues and the work of our group.
We're hoping that you would be willing and able to pass on the details of
our event, found below, to students in Political Science.


Justin Wise

Frontier College - Students for Literacy

Frontier College - Students for Literacy is proud to present readings by
Wayne Johnston and Lee Gowan.  Mr. Johnston, the author of "The Colony of
Unrequited Dreams", will be reading from his most recent novel, "The
Navigator of New York".  Mr. Gowan will be reading from his second novel
"The Last Cowboy".  Both authors are reading to raise awareness of literacy
issues in Canada and highlight the efforts of Frontier College volunteers.

When: Tuesday, March 30th, 7:30pm
Where: Hart House Library
Cost: Free

For More Information:



Subject:        Request from CBC

I am a producer with the CBC radio show 'Sounds Like Canada.' 
We would like to interview a panel of public policy students who are just
graduating from university and plan to work for the government as
civil servants. The story will be about why people choose the public
sector, and what they hope to achieve in their career. If you are
interested in participating on the panel, or know anyone who is
interested, please contact me. I would really appreciate it. 

Thank you kindly, 

Alexandra Shimo
tel: 416 205 6144
- ------- End of forwarded message -------Carolynn Branton
Graduate Secretary
Department of Political Science
University of Toronto
Phone:  (416) 978-2017
Fax:  (416) 978-5566


Greetings all!  I have learned from Ann Jarnet in the last few days that
Environment Canada's tiny environmental education program will be
eliminated as of March 31st. (Now retired, Ann was for years Environment
Canada's only staff person responsible for environmental education.)  The
decision has apparently been made by 3 senior EC officials - ALL of whom
hold temporary "acting" positions within the department.

Grant Gardner emailed an excellent letter this weekend on behalf of EECOM
(Canada's national EE association), and apparently his letter has already
stirred things up within the bureaucracy. Ann believes that if many more
of us send our own emails in the next few days, we will be reinforcing
Grant's message, and most important, we could reverse this ill-considered

If you can take 20 minutes this week to send a note - on behalf of your
own organization, or failing that, on your own behalf - please email it

Acting Assistant Deputy Minister, Garth Bangay at garth.bangay@xxxxxxxx

Secondly, can you ask 3 colleagues to also email Garth Bangay this

Please let me know if you are able to help in one or both of these ways.
March 31st is only 2 weeks away, so time is short. I've appended a few
letter-writing suggestions below, that you might be helpful. I thank you
in advance for any attention you can give this urgent matter.

Sincerely yours,

Tim Grant


There are many reasons why Environment Canada needs to reconsider its
decision. Feel free to use any of the following:

1) Canada may soon be the only industrialized country without an
environmental education program. Even the EPA in the U.S. under George
Bush still makes a significant commitment (both in staff and money) to
environmental education.

2) Canada was a signatory for the UN Decade for Education for Sustainable
Development, which begins in 2005.  How will Canada participate without
an environmental education department?

3) Federal officials regularly state that the federal government should
avoid initiatives that affect the formal education system (K-12 schools,
colleges and universities) because the provinces have jurisdication and
they want to avoid conflict. There are many problems with this argument:

(a) A large number of environmental educators work in non-formal
settings, such as parks, summer camps, community centres and workplaces,
which are not under provincial jurisdiction.

(b) The federal government's environmental goals cannot be met without an
education component, and good education requires more than the transfer
of information.

(c) Environment Canada is the federal agency that should ensure that
environmental education is available to all Canadians.

4. Rather than eliminate its tiny commitment to environmental education,
we need Environment Canada to radically increase its support. When we
launched a letter-writing campaign in 1999 to David Anderson, the federal
Environment Minister, almost 160 letter-writers asked the Minister to:

* establish an EE funding program

* support a Canadian EE Leadership Clinic, similar to the EPA-funded ones
in the US that provide training to EE membership organizations there

* create an Environmental Education department within Environment Canada
to carry out a wider number of EE programs

* establish or fund a national EE information clearinghouse, that could
be accessed by educators across Canada via an "800" number and a

* sponsor regional summer institutes for K-12 teachers, non-formal and
post-secondary educators in EE, or fund post-secondary institutions to
conduct them

* provide funding for EE membership organizations for such things as
their annual conference, and

* support the crafting of a National Strategy on Environmental Education,
a process that other countries have already gone through.

While we now have a "National Framework for Environmental Learning..", we
have made little progress since 1999 in persuading Environment Canada
that environmental education should be one of their priorities.
Hopefully, our emails, if sufficiently numerous in the next week, will
trigger some badly-needed rethinking within the department.   Please send
an email asap, and keep your fingers crossed!!!!


Tim Grant, Co-editor            tim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Green Teacher (magazine)                     U.S. mailing address:
95 Robert Street                                    2045 Niagara Falls Blvd.
Unit 7
Toronto, ON M5S 2K5                                 Niagara Falls, NY
(416) 960-1244,  fax (416) 925-3474

Program Counsellor & Placement Coordinator
Innis Environmental Studies Program


March 18, 2004  -  According to the John Manley report, which
was released today, Ontario Power Generation (OPG - formerly Ontario Hydro)
attempt to re-start its Pickering A Unit #1 nuclear reactor.

According to Mr. Manley, the cost of the Pickering A Unit #1
re-start will be only $500 to $600 million despite the fact
that the actual cost of the Pickering A Unit #4 re-start was
$1.25 billion.  This claim is not credible.  At OPG costs
always go up.  They never go down.

According to Mr. Manley,  Pickering A Unit #1 can be returned
to service within 2 years despite the fact that it took OPG 6
years to re-start Pickering A Unit #4.  (Pickering A Unit #4
returned to service at the end of 2003.)

According to Mr. Manley, if Pickering A Unit #1 is returned to
service its remaining service life will be only 12 years.

Mr. Manley gave 3 reasons why OPG should attempt to re-start
Pickering A Unit #1.

First, according to Mr. Manley, "nuclear plants can be a
cost-effective source of base load generation".  However, on
March 16th,  OPG released the KPMG review of its financial
performance for 1999 to 2003. According to the KPMG review,
OPG's earnings for this period were $1.034 billion below
target.  According to OPG's March 16th press release: "A number
of factors influenced this unfavourable variance.  Of these,
the financial under-performance of OPG's nuclear assets has
had, by far, the most negative impact."

Second, according to Mr. Manley,  "Renewable energy sources,
conservation and co-generation are all important, but cannot
fully bridge the supply gap."  However, in fact, they can.
According to Enersource Corporation (formerly Hydro
Mississauga), energy conservation can reduce Ontario's
electricity demand by up to 3,800 MW by 2015. According to the
Ontario Water Power Association, new water power projects can
provide 1,000 to 1,500 MW by 2007.  According to the Canadian
Wind Energy Association, wind power can provide us with 3,000
MW of new supply by 2007.  According to a report for the
Ontario Ministry of  Energy, cogeneration can provide up to
16,500 MW by 2020. In total, these more reliable options can
provide Ontario with up to 24,800 MW by 2020.  In contrast,
Ontario's total coal and nuclear generation capacity is 18,382
MW.  Furthermore, this analysis does not include the supply
potential for high-efficiency natural gas-fired combined-cycle
power plants like the one that OPG is bringing into service in
Windsor this year.

Finally, according to Mr. Manley, relying "heavily on gas to
provide base load would push up the level of Ontario's
electricity prices and make them unstable".  In fact, new
high-efficiency natural gas plants can produce electricity at a
lower cost than nuclear power.  For example, in 1998 Ontario
Hydro's total cost of nuclear power was 7.7 cents per kwh. By
contrast, the U.S. Department of Energy's January 2004 natural
gas price forecast for 2010 entails that the cost of gas-fired
power will be 5.2 cents per kwh in 2010.

Please contact Premier McGuinty, at webprem@xxxxxxxxx, and
Energy Minister Duncan, at Dwight.Duncan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, and
tell them that Ontario should phase-out its coal plants by a
combination of energy conservation and efficiency, water power,
wind power, co-generation and high-efficiency natural gas power plants.

Please ask the Premier and Minister Duncan to direct OPG to
expand the output of its Sir Adam Beck Generating Station at
Niagara Falls.

For more information on clean and reliable options to meet
Ontario's electricity needs, please visit our web site:
www.cleanairalliance.org and download "New Energy Directions:
A Low-Cost, Low-Risk Electricity Supply Strategy for Ontario.

Please pass this message on to your friends.

Thank you.

Raví Mark Singh
Communications & Membership Co-ordinator
Ontario Clean Air Alliance
Ph: (416)926-1907 ext. 245
NOTE OUR NEW EMAIL ADDRESS: info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The Ontario Clean Air Alliance is a coalition of health,
environmental and consumer organizations, faith communities,
unions, utilities, municipalities and individuals working for
cleaner air through strict emission limits and a phase-out of
coal in the electricity sector.  Our partner organizations
represent more than six million Ontarians.

To subscribe or unsubscribe to this list please visit

For more on how you can contribute to clearing Ontario's air through
your electricity purchases, please see our consumer-advice website:


Dear UTERN Members,

Over the year, our listserv has grown with individual members. While we want to 
keep individuals informed to our activities, we also want to ensure that 
environmental groups are always informed regardless of individual turnover. To 
this end, I would like to gather a directory of environmental groups at U of T 
to re-enforce any of the existing ties with environmental groups and make sure 
that we add all of the new groups to our "network" directory. The UTERN network 
can be a valuable tool for gathering volunteers and publicizing events, not to 
mention securing funding for environmental events. Therefore, I would ask that 
all of the UTERN members that are involved with other groups to send me your 
groups information including: Group name, purpose, website address, General 
group contact info, personal email and anything else you would like other UTERN 
members to know about. A reminder also that groups do not have to be student 
run, as we would like UTERN members to be just as familiar with administrative 
channels at U of T. Could you also include in your message if you would like to 
receive emails to your groups address and whether your groups website would be 
willing to have a UTERN banner with a link to our website on it. Putting 
together a more concrete network of environmental groups on campus can make a 
big difference.

Please send me your groups information ASAP,

Jake Irwin
Communication Director
University of Toronto Environmental Resource Network
Room 1047 EAS


ENSU is holding elections this month up until the beginning of April. All the 
info you need can be found at the ENSU website at 

There is a form that you can download and filled out and drop off at the office.

Only ENSU members can vote for next year's executive council. Voting members 
are those on the listserv. Therefore you can vote if you got this e-mail. If 
you want your friends to vote, tell them to sign up by visiting the ENSU 
homepage and going to the JOIN US sections.

You can campaign yourself anyway you wish and you can run for any position you 
wish as long as it's allowable within the position's description (see website). 
The ENSU listserv is at your disposal. If you write a short campaign speech and 
send it to utorensu@xxxxxxxx we will post it on the listserv for all our 
members to read. Please do not send it to Matt's e-mail since he already has 
enough e-mails filling his inbox.

Please send only one e-mail. An e-mail with all candidate speeches will be sent 
out together later this month so that all members can have a look at each 
candidate simultaneously.

Voting will take place in April, methods of voting will be announced later.

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