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Sometimes ENSU sends out non-environmentally related e-mails because we find 
that they might be of interest to our members. Today is such a day.

1. National Student Day of Action

2. Discussion Forum on Freedom of Expression

3. What Does the New Constitution in Afghanistan Mean for 
Women's Rights? 

4. promoting, lobbying and developing the use of
alternative energy systems by public institutions. 

5. Roundtable Discussion to hear from Women's representative to 
fghanistan's Historic Constitutional Talks

6. Film Festival volunteers

I took this NSDA notice from the grad students listserv.
>Rally and March Wednesday February 4th, 2004
>Sidney Smith Hall, 1pm, 100 St. George Street (South of Harbord)
>On Feb. 4 students across Canada will call on their governments to reduce
>tuition fees and fund education. In Ontario, students have fought hard to
>win a tuition freeze. On February 4 come out to tell Provincial and
>Federal governments that they need to fund the freeze to keep our
>education accessible.
>Rally at Sidney Smith at 1pm for a "Debt Convocation" then join a campus
>tour of U of  T where students will connect campus buildings to access,
>accessibility, debt, deregulation, quality of education and funding for
>athletics. We're heading to Simcoe Hall to meet President Robert Birgeneau
>who will join our call for education funding.
>Get active in the Feb. 4 coalition and fight for accessible education
>Wednesday January 28th, 2004 Bahen Center @ 7pm Room 2155 40 St. George
>St. (North of College) All are welcome to attend
>email feb4coalition@xxxxxxxxxxx
>for more information or to get involved
ate sent:      Tue, 27 Jan 2004 11:39:04 -0500
From:           joanna.langille@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject:        PSA for Political Science List Serve

Ms. Levy,

Attached is a PSA from the Hart House Debates Commitee regarding a public 
discussion forum on the issue of free speech on campus that I am hoping you 
could forward to the Political Science List Serves. Thanks very much for your 
help in advance!!


Joanna Langille
Publicity Director


January 22, 2004


The Hart House Debates Committee is hosting a panel 
discussion forum on the topic "Does true freedom of 
expression ever require some opinions be limited?" on 
Tuesday, February 3rd at 7:00 pm. The purpose of this 
forum is to discuss the varying perspectives on whether it can 
be justified to curtail speech in certain circumstances in order 
to create an environment in which people feel truly free to 
express their opinion.

This issue was recently brought to the forefront at U of T by to 
a conference held by the Palestine Right of Return Coalition, 
in which participants were required to profess certain views. 
Our panellists include representatives from Palestinian 
group Al-Awda and Jewish group Hillel, as well as Vice-
Provost David Farrar and University Professor of Ethics 
Wayne Sumner. The discussion will be moderated by 
Faculty of Law Professor Jim Phillips. 

Following a discussion among the panellists, the audience will 
be strongly encouraged to ask questions and motivation 
further debate. A free reception with refreshments will be held 
after the discussion is brought to a close.

WHAT: Free panel discussion on the issue of freedom of 
expression on campus with a free reception to follow

WHEN: 7:00 pm on February 3rd, 2004

WHERE: The Debates Room, Hart House, 7 Hart House 

Joanna Langille 
Publicity Director 
Hart House Debates Committee 

Jeff Richardson
Program Advisor 
Hart House

Hart House Debates Committee
From:           "Lara Barker" <larabarker@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject:        Event: What Does the New Constitution in Afghanistan Mean for 
Women's Rights?
Date sent:      Mon, 26 Jan 2004 21:51:36 +0000

Please Circulate*** 
What Does the New Constitution in Afghanistan Mean for Women's 
You are Invited to: Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), 
Room 8200 Saturday January 31st, 2004 7:00-9:00 pm 
Palwasha Hassan will be speaking about her recent experience as a 
delegate at the Constitutional Loya Jirga in Afghanistan. In 
December 2003, Ms. Hassan was one of 50 delegates to the 
Constitutional Loya Jirga appointed by President Hamid Karzai, one 
of approximately 100 women delegates in the grand assembly 
which debated on and voted in Afghanistan's new Constitution in 
January 2004. She returned to Kabul from exile in Pakistan in 
September, 2002, as the first woman to lead a major foreign aid 
project in Afghanistan: a project by Montreal's Rights & Democracy. 
Sponsored by: >Rights and Democracy and >The Women's 
International League for Peace and Freedom > >If you have 
questions please contact Sheri at gibbings@xxxxxxxx > > > 
4 I guess this would be a pre-announcement. ???????
rom:           "Pedram Kaya" <pedram2001@xxxxxxxxxx>
To:             <hlevy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject:        Permission to post a message through the Pol Sci Listserv
Date sent:      Tue, 27 Jan 2004 18:20:56 -0500

Hello Hyla, 
My name is Pedram Kaya. I am the VP and CFO of the Energy Sustainability
Community Inc. (ESC), a non-profit corporation affiliated with U of T.
Our group, composed of U of T students from a wide array of disciplines
and levels of study, aims to promote, lobby and develop the use of
alternative energy systems by public institutions. 
ESC is holding a recruitment/membership meeting on February 12 at Sid
Smith. We are interested in recruiting volunteers with an interest in
the environment with political science backgrounds to help in our
lobbying and policy making efforts. I am writing to request that you
forward a message to the political science students registered on your
email list in order to solicit their attendance at this meeting. 
Your reply is very much appreciated. Please do specify any conditions
that need to be met in order to disseminate our solicitation. 
Thanks Again,
Pedram Kaya
ate sent:      Tue, 27 Jan 2004 12:52:49 -0500
From:           arwa.harianawala@xxxxxxxxxxx
To:             hlevy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject:        Please post this on your list-serv

Hi Hyla. Could you please post and circulate the following on the Political 
Science list-serv
Arwa Harianawala

2:30-4:00 pm on Friday, January 30 at OISE/UT 252 Bloor St. West Room 12-199

Activists, media representative and all of those interested in Afghanistan's 
troubled constitutional process are invited to a round table discussion for a 
presentation by Palwasha Hassan, one of 100 women delegates at the recent Loya 
Jirga in Kabul.
Ms. Hassan, a 34-year-old native of Kabul who heads Rights & Democracy's office 
in Kabul, is in Canada to discuss her recent experiences as a representative of 
Afghanistan's women at the constitutional Loya Jirga, or Grand Council, held in 
Kabul between Dec. 10 and Jan.4.
Her work on women's rights in Afghanistan has had a major influence on policies 
concerning the rights of Afghanistan's women. This influence was recognized by 
the United Nations Security Council in November, when its visiting delegation 
to Afghanistan called upon Ms. Hassan to provide a briefing on the state of 
women's rights in the context of the Constitutional Loya Jirga.

This discussion is co-hosted by The Centre for Women's Studies in Education
(CWSE), Association for Women's Rights in Development and the Afghan Women's 
Organization. For further information: Please contact Shareen Gokal from the 
Association for Women's Rights in Development at 416-594-3773
Hot Docs Documentary Festival (April 23-May 2)
Hot Docs' volunteers have always proved to be
special guest stars at the festival. This year, we
are specifically searching for volunteers in college
and/or university to disseminate information to
fellow students about the Hot Docs festival. If you
are interested in gaining experience, meeting and
networking with industry professionals, receiving
two free screening passes to the festival,
invitations to select Hot Docs receptions and
parties, and more, please contact Karen at
kkotzen@xxxxxxxxxx or 416-203-2155 ext. 244.

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