[english-c1] There is, indeed, a different world.

  • From: Néstor <nestorac@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: english-c1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 6 Dec 2009 00:02:55 +0100

One of the many things I think about, which is the so called
"alternative world" (for me is the "correct world"), lies around us.
We only have to turn our heads and watch it. And it's not so difficult
to understand it. And, it's already working!

An example of this is CouchSurfing, a website which is "a worldwide
network for making connections between travelers and the local
communities they visit".


It's natural and desirable that we, young people, try to improve the
world. Maybe it's better to have tried and lost than never to have
tried (much like Lord Tennyson's poem, "In Memoriam").

A lot of knowledge and experience is out there, but we can still
ignore it. The gradual perfection of these -and also pampering human
empathy- can be the only things that really make things improve.

And yes, I have already couchsurfed!


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