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Please have a look at 

and contribute..

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Earlier Christ nagar school enquired whether the community (ilug-tvm)
can make a linux based curriculum for Std 1 to 8, that they would be
running as a test from the next academic year onwards, for there CBSE,
ISCE and state syllabus schools. They have a press @ school so they will
do the publishing thing.

Heres a wiki for the Syllabus which we have discussed in earlier
meetings and through google docs.

The content placed there is based on the text books they are using
currently, and can give a quick view of what we are about to do, so
needs revisions. 

We need to talk more on it at the next meeting what if we can meet at
the end of this week ie on Fri evening after 5.00pm? 

Please pour in all your suggestions. 




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